Die Hard Thread

I figure we should create this as the Bond 25 discussion thread turned into a Die Hard discussion.


Is it entirely clear in the original what, having secured the police’s attention, he actually expects them to do? Everything they do appears to be “wrong” - and this Mr McClane screams a lot about that - but he never seems to offer up his view on what they should be doing instead. What does he expect? Very clear on what “wrong” is, but keeps “right” to himself, so heroically. Many people die in the absence of his sharing his view. Little weasel.

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I’ve never thought about this but, yeah, Grubers plan depends on the police turning up and the reporter only reveals McClane’s family because of the police being informed. If McClane had kept doing what he started with of taking each out individually, things wouldn’t have escalated for the plan to work.


I’d quip that it’s the ‘American Way’, but it does describe the Brexit fiasco perfectly.

It’s Hollywood, not Mossad: Things need to go wrong! :woozy_face:

But in this case McClanes bad ideas actually do a lot of the work for Gruber, are we ever told what Grubers plan A was? As he clearly at first DIDNT want the police to know?

Quite - on the basis that the final vault lock thing needed the external intervention, the plan needed the FBI or their ilk to actually turn up at some point. Was Alan Rickman-man going to call them anyway, then? Presumably so. What is it John McClane achieves in calling in the police other than to put his family in danger, watch a lot of police officers, and others, get murdered and bitch about it without providing constructive feedback? He is setting a very poor example. He also has an unpleasant vest.

But don’t Gruber and the ballet dancer have a discussion about McLane where Gruber says “No problem, all he’s done is change the timetable?”

Gruber’s plan depended on the authorities showing up and running the “hostage” playbook, no?

(again, as a fan of 2, this is why Colonel Stuart’s subterfuge makes so much more sense…!!!)

Gruber does say that at one point. It explains why the initial alarm is called off.

It’s testament to how great an action director McTiernan was/is(?) that know one really gives a flying… about plot holes in Die Hard. Most simply love it without caveat.

Every movie/book/play/Esquire article etc. has plot holes. We just learn to live with them. In Die Hard, it’s well known that McClane’s shirt changes color halfway through the film as a result of deleted scene that itself is really unnecessary. The whole point was to see white flakes on his shirt when he emerges from the vent, completely unnecessary, but creates a continuity error and plot hole in the process.


Amen to that on a Bond message board :sunglasses:

Little known fact: the first of the bad guys McLane takes out (the one with the Ho-Ho-Ho-Shirt) is TLD’s Necros, Andreas Wisniewski.


I do love that there’s 3 Dalton Bond cast members in Die Hard. 2 of whom are major Dalton era villains!

Additionally, Frank McRae (Sharkey from LTK) appears in Loaded Weapon 1, a parody of Die Hard, in which Bruce Willis himself appears as John McClane.