Does AI have a future in the Bond films?

I use AI - have been since about late '22 and it’s a learning curve to say the least. I’ve experimented with title images for each film in the EON series, the results of my ‘experiments’ suggesting AI will be a large part of the title sequences in future, if not the films themselves. Any thoughts, suggestions welcomed!

I prefer human beings and their creativity, not a mix of previous ideas mangled together by an algorithm.


So, in other words, none of the Bond films since 1995? :rofl:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :sweat_smile:


All of MrKiddWint’s posts have been written by AI since '22. The funny thing is he actually hates Diamonds Are Forever but the damn thing’s gone haywire and none of us can get ahold of him.

The future of Bond fandom…