Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


Preview of Origin # 1


A new interview with Jeff Parker. Boy everyone wants to do a prequel to Casino Royale now! I’m feeling confident that this will be great! Jeff Parker did a great period piece in Batman 66. The illustrations are unique in color as well!


Forever and A Day in the same year as this is interesting timing. If Boyle throws in a flashback to Bond pre-Casino Royale we’ll have a full set!


I just realized that the last two movies have talked about Bond before Casino Royale quite a bit. So there’s our full set of CR prequels!



If you scroll down a bit, you’ll find some alternative covers for James Bond Origins #3.


I’d like Craig in Commander’s uniform. Some tidbit about his service would do.


In some happier James Bond news, the first of Greg Pak’s Oddjob storyline comes out November 7.

We may not have a possible movie security, but we do have two James Bond story arcs to read until the movie comes out. Dynamite has had better quality than EON has lately, that’s for sure.


An interesting interview I think we missed.

I like Van Jensen and his work! I can’t wait to see more of his James Bond work! Interesting that he’s working on James Bond Origins as well, we’ll probably see a story arc from him.


Another Van Jensen Tweet we missed: https://mobile.twitter.com/van_jensen/status/993911528301715457
Perhaps he’s going to at least do the Ian Fleming adaptations up to at least Diamonds Are Forever/From Russia With Love. He isn’t shy about Tweeting his and Dennis Calero’s enthusiasm, and they’re a great team for these adaptations.


In more (hopefully positive) James Bond news, one more week from today before James Bond Origin is released, and a new series continues!


Think that Dynamite might make another announcement to go with it? Live And Let Die, perhaps? More classic characters returning, Blofeld, Goldfinger, Irma Bunt, Alec Trevelyan? I know I go on these rants, but with James Bond now, I trust these people above everyone else.


I’m looking forward to it’s arrival. Be good to get back into Bond stories.


Oddjob confirmed, possible Goldfinger surprise?


Don’t expect LALD anytime soon, sadly Calero hasn’t even started yet.

Could Jensen be using a different artistic team? He has said he has a script. Could the racial overtones of the book be holding Dynamite back? Or even more legal rights issues like Casino Royale? We’ll see what Van Jensen has to say. He is also working on James Bond Origins, he said himself. I would have thought that with Roger Moore’s LALD book being rereleased that it would be positive signs for Dynamite. As well as the novel’s 65 anniversary next year.


Went digital for Origin. I enjoyed issue 1, but ive found, much like with Ellis’ run and somewhat Diggle’s, its very much 1 chapter of a larger book and will work much better in the TPB format rather than the single issue. Makes me curious as to how the collected editions, as the writers seemingly have in mind, are doing in sales rather than the single issues.


I feel like other than one-shots and annuals, most comics are written like this these days. One and done comics are out the door and continuing larger arcs are more popular. As you said, they are seemingly written for the TPB, but the irony is that because so many people wait for the TPB rather than single issues, TPTB think that the comic is not popular and thus is cancelled before they reach the amount of issues needed for a TPB, or think that the comic doesn’t warrant a TPB because it wasn’t popular. Thankfully that doesn’t seem to be the worry with these Bond comics, as they’re contained arcs of six issues, not ongoings, with the exception of Origin.

As for what I thought of Origin, I liked it well enough, but I’m waiting for Bond to actually get in to the Navy and the story to get going. It would have been nice to have some continuity between Origin and the Young Bond novels and mention his friend at Fettes, Perry Mandeville, but it’s not really essential. I was rather curious about the representation of the school uniforms, but I did some quick Googling, and I guess that’s what Fettes uniforms look like. Overall a good start, but I’m waiting on the next issue to really judge it.


So am I, issue 1 was very much just setting the scene for the story yet to come.


That’s how I feel as well. Issue one was okay, but I need to see more to form an opinion.


Some Oddjob comic material.


We may get a whole year of Oddjob! Other possible classic characters appearing, perhaps?


Think we’ll get any announcements on Friday for Global James Bond Day?


I think it’s more likely we’ll get some film news than book/comic news on Global James Bond Day, as it’s a celebration of the day that Doctor No was released. It would be a nice tie-in though. If nothing else, we’ll have the second issue of Origin this week!