Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


A pretty good interview with Greg Pak, who’s writing the upcoming current day-set Bond comic. The fact that Pak keeps calling him a “new Oddjob” makes me think this will be a relative rather than the original. I’m really looking forward to this, and it will be interesting to have current day and original timeline Bond comics running concurrently.


I realized that I never posted my thoughts on Origin #2. I think it was a great issue, and an improvement on #1. I liked the training sequence and the different trainees that Bond worked with. I was almost sure that the F character was going to be a reference to Fleming. One thing though: before Origin did we have any indication that Bond was a part of the SOE? I always assumed he was just Royal Navy Intelligence, maybe even part of 30 Assault Unit, but not specifically SOE. Maybe it’s because I was watching the Netflix series Churchill’s Secret Agents, but some of the training was straight out of the SOE handbook. Also, I feel like Jeff Parker mentioned Bond being part of SOE, but I wasn’t sure if he was just getting his facts mixed up.


The map of Australia on the cover equals a trip down under. Awesome.


After hearing that the Folio Society released the Ian Fleming novels out of order for their rereleases, do you think Dynamite could do a similar approach? I mean, for LALD, everyone seems nervous about releasing it because of it’s racist overtones. However, Van Jensen has a script and Dennis Calero wants to do it. Perhaps they’ll skip right to Moonraker, possibly because it’s so loved by Bond fans.


This is quite interesting. I don’t think we’ve had a Bond short story appear in Playboy since the Raymond Benson days. And I don’t think there’s been a Bond comic in there before. Also interesting is that this jumps ahead to when Bond is already in the Navy. Should be worth a read.


Since it’s a Playboy magazine, I wish they decided to show us Bond’s first affair. Unless, since he was 16 back then, it would be inappropriate these days (no details needed, but I’d like to know the story).


By Royal Command (Higson’s 5th and final Young Bond) does that quite well if you havn’t read those.


Have you read John Pearson’s view of Bond’s first affair in his “James Bond Biography of 007”?


I have read it, @Orion. And I loved it. However I was thinking of his affair in Paris, mentioned by Fleming in “From a View to a Kill”, when Bond lost his virginity.
And yes, @billy007, I’ve read “Authorised biography…”. Nevertheless, when I was reading Young Bond series, I was wondering if Higson or Cole would ever mention that in their novels. Since the series is apparently cancelled (what a pity!!) and James Bond Origin seems to be a follow-up, it’d make sense to tell the story again. Officially, that is.


Who’s ready for Oddjob this week?


This has made me more excited for it. LOVING the artwork!


A new interview with Denis Calero with The Bond Experience:

Interview starts at 3:20

The last question is about the future of the Novel adaptions, and if i understood him correctly (very loud and noisy at that specific point) is that another team is doing LALD.
If thats the case then it might come out soon.


Having read James Bond 007 #1, I’m pretty excited for the rest of this series. Grek Pak’s take on Oddjob is a little different than Fleming’s or the cinematic version, but he’s got some of the swagger that you could feel from Harold Sakata, with the charisma turned up to 11. I’m still curious if this will be the original Oddjob for this timeline or a relative (son or younger brother?) who’s inherited the mantle. I gotta say that I’ve missed this present day take on Bond, as much as I’m enjoying Origin, it’s nice to have this Bond back. Is this the first time we’ve seen this Bond drink a martini?


Yeah, I prefer the modern day Bond comics. Origin hasn’t held my interest in the same way. The new Oddjob is pretty cool - I liked how they ended the issue with the fellow collecting his hat. Making Oddjob more of a silhouette in the opening few panels allowed for that little revelation.


Anyone read James Bond Origin 3 yet? I’m not reading it until the hardcover edition comes out in May. I still think we could see Kincade from Skyfall at some point. As for Oddjob,
I can’t wait for more characters, as Greg Pak did mention other villain pitches in his James Bond Radio interview. Other villains on the way? I still believe we will see them. Money’s on Goldfinger, no pun intended.

Great interview, let’s see how he surprises us!


The other iconic henchman comparable to Oddjob is Jaws. A story resembling The Spy Who Loved Me movie novelisation could be worthwhile.


But then you’re into film things which IFP insist they won’t use - the DB10, a Moneypenny that owes Naomie Harris a paycheck and the Tpbs actually having a prettile sequence are probably okay as they all have a Fleming root (PTS aside, but that’s just a cold open, something that existed LONG before Bond)

Jaws though, is all film.


You’re right. For what it’s worth, I found the new comic debut with Oddjob enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to #2, but I’m still not sure how I feel about the concept of him coming back. Bond villains such as Oddjob may be popular, but they are one and done deals. He starred in one book/film and wasn’t intended to be an ongoing threat. It begins to open up a can of worms in terms of nostalgia, when the focus should really be on creating new foes. Most Bond villains aren’t like recurring Batman villains. They get killed and are replaced by others.


I havn’t had the time to read issue 1 yet (the uncompromising bitch called life has had me too busy this week to do anything other than purchase it) but I gather from interviews with him that Pak chose to have Odd Job so as to address the incorrect cultural assumptions about Korean’s that Fleming’s version was replete with in the book.


Right, finally got round to reading it, loved the use of the entirely visual medium, with each language around the table being written in that language. I also really liked how they played with Odd Jobs identity, is this the same man, or something new? Overall a fun first chapter, I look forward to more.