Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


My book shelf anxiously awaits.

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Could be that EON wouldn’t allow the script to be adapted because they might poach ideas from it for future Bond films.


It is just the way Fleming sold the rights. Dynamite would have to pay both EON and IFP. No personal issue or long term plans, just finances.


Amazon has set a date for LALD.



So we should actually expect it in October of 2020 then


Ha, let’s hope not!


Or September this year…

Nice to see it move in a different direction than CR was moving pre-release


Please don’t jinx us!


It’s looking great for Oddjob, overall! Let me know what you all think!

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I really loved this issue. When I started reading it, though, I had to flip back to last issue since I didn’t remember Bond being caught at the end of it. The twists and turns in the issue were nicely done, and I am still enjoying John Lee’s portrayal.


It is a shame that the solicitations for May spoiled the Goldfinger reveal, but I still didn’t expect him to appear in this issue. Toward the end, when talking about ORU prime, I had a sneaking suspicion.

So in the last issue, John Lee says ORU means gold. Anyone know what he’s referring to? It’s not the Korean or Russian translation, it’s not the atomic symbol, so I’m unsure what the origin of that is.


There’s this;

But that seems weirdly specific…


I’m beginning to wonder if Pussy Galore will show up eventually.


Not trying to start a political debate, but Van Jensen sharing the text of Moonraker might be a sign that he may be studying up for his next novel adaptation.

Also, LALD’s cover has been released!


Great cover and yes, based on the link, I strongly suspect that MR is in the works which thrills me to no end. Between these books and the Folio hardbacks, these are going to be the sets to have.


Fantastic front cover for LALD. Really captures the mood of the novel. Can’t stress enough how much I enjoy these comics. Moonraker here we come.


That’s a great cover, can’t wait to see what they come up with for Moonraker. Though, isn’t the giant squid from Dr. No?

I’d love to get the Folio hardcovers, but unfortunately I don’t have $63 to drop on every book. :sweat_smile: For me, it’ll just have to be my old trade paperbacks and ebooks.


Well, yes. They are worth it, but the love I have for my own ‘master set’ of well worn signet paperbacks is priceless. The real joy of the Folio’s are the artwork. I never fly without one of my old signet though. They’re my ‘rabbit’s foot’. I did take an old Pan copy of MR with me when I visited Gala.


I’ve always liked the Penguin re-issues from the mid-2000s. The covers are bright and colorful and usually do well to foreshadow the actual story. My love for these though probably comes from the fact that this was when I first read the Fleming novels.


Fay Dalton’s work is beautiful

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I have the complete Richie Fahey set and they are glorious. My favourite covers, hands down.