Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


I really like those! Nice collectors piece to have Bond movie posters done by the writer/artist of an official Bond comic.


All of these are clever, especially the DN and MWTGG ones. And not a bad price either. That LALD is mine for sure.


Just read Moneypenny, the plot is secondary as it really focuses on getting to know the character, complete with a split narrative going between a case and different points of her life. Very much wears its heart on its sleeve in regards to assumptions are only ever a bad thing but it really works. Highly enjoyable and I hope they do more.


Looking forward to it myself. Picking it up during my next bi-monthly comic stop. As to the artwork, love it all. A few do jump out as worthy of framing along with my Marshall prints.


Eve Moneypenny is 007.com’s focus of the week - I imagine to tie in to the Moneypenny one shot, given the comics version is unapologetically based on the Naomie Harris version of the character above all else.


Very likely. It doesn’t cost 007.com anything and helps keeping fans close on the good side of Bond when the next film is still far away. And it ties in with a current wave of strong heroines, also a plus.


I haven’t read Moneypenny yet, but the reviews sound promising.

I thought I’d show my current set of trades I keep in plastic sleeves.

It’ll be interesting to see how big this collection is after the Dynamite contract has been fulfilled!


A bit off topic here, but I just read another Dynamite comic, this time “The Shadow: Fires of Creation.” If anything it’s more violent than " James Bond: Eidolon" but it’s also well-plotted, with intelligent dialog and entertaining characters, and man’s capacity for cruel violence is kind of the whole theme of the story, so it’s there for more than just gratuitous spectacle.

I think it’s my first Garth Ennis comic.

Anyway, now I know it’s not violence per se I’m against, just fetishistic violence as a substitute for good writing.


Okay, Moneypenny wasn’t as good as Service, although it was enjoyable read. On one condition: this time the reader must not expect a typical story. The plot is only an excuse for showing Moneypenny in action, as well as numerous flashbacks are meant to explain why and how she became the woman we know. We know from latests movies, of course. That’s my problem with Moneypenny in Dynamite Universe: it was said that comics are based on novels and therefore are part of literary canon (more or less), whereas Moneypenny is clearly based on her cinematic incarnation. And I’m not talking about her appearance; I don’t suppose Fleming’s Moneypenny was ever a secret agent or field agent. It may not be a flaw, but I’m not sure if I’m okay with that.


That’s a good assessment of Moneypenny. I feel the same way. It was good, but not great IMO.

Kill Chain #2 is out, and it’s one of the coolest Bond comics I’ve read since the relaunch. I really enjoy the gritty Moore Bond tone they’re going with. The set pieces were fun.


Like I said, I loved Moneypenny, light on plot though it may be. Kill Chain #3 has been dispatched, really looking forward to it having enjoyed the first two parts.


Looking back at my post, I actually meant Kill Chain #3 instead of #2.

I’ll be interested to see what you think of it, Orion.


I’m enjoying Kill Chain much more than Diggle’s previous run. However I am disappointed that we haven’t heard anything about Origin since April. It was supposed to come out this fall, and comic solicits for December 2017 are already out, with no sign of Origin anywhere.


Just finished Kill Chain #3

Must say I’m enjoying the greater emphasis on the mystery side of it as well as that use of Bond being quite light hearted even when things get grim - something very 80s Bond films about it (the fact Bond paraphrases a TLD joke helped)

Someone said Eidolon is what Ellis would have done with Spectre, by the same notion Kill Chain is what Diggle would’ve done with The Living Daylights.


If you haven’t picked up some of the story arcs, and read comic digitally, Comixology is having a sale right now on the James Bond comics. Entire arcs of VARGR, Eideleon for $4.99 and Hammerhead for $5.99, and most single issues for $0.99.


Which of these is most recommended? I bought the first issue of VARGR and didn’t love it, but if the whole thing is worth the plunge… Thanks for the heads up @Double-0-Slevin!


Yellow-Pinky, you should try Felix Leiter. Although Kill Chain after three issues is also highly recommend.


Glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was a cool issue. It had a mix of Octopussy’s auction sequence and Moonraker’s room of antiques getting destroyed, rounded off with a cold blooded killing ala Dryden in CR.

Yeah, I love the concept of that book and hope to hear more about it. On the positive side, Solstice seems to be full steam ahead with an advert promoting it inside Kill Chain #3.


NEW: http://dynamite.com/htmlfiles/pressrelshow.html?display=PR10021723753


I was just wondering last night when they were going to announce the next arc.

Bit of a change of pace for the series going by the writers description, he seems to be going for more of a character examination than the more plot heavy predecessors. More like the Moneypenny one shot in some ways.