Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


My Kill Chain #4 has been dispatched, I’m excited to read it as I’ve found the plot to be very engaging so far, anyone read it yet?


I’ve read it. I am definitely enjoying this more than Diggle’s last arc. The arc seems strangely prescient in its themes (neo-Nazis, Russians), which had to have been written at least six months ago, with how comic book publishing works. I think this is the way that current politics could be worked into Bond, without having say, a Trump stand-in.


Really enjoyed #4, I’d agree it’s so far better than Hammerhead.

It is odd to have a Bond comic be so vocal on current politics - some of which Diggle would’ve written before they happened in reality.


Didn’t like this issue. Hopefully #5 is better.



Seems okay to me. I like that they’re going for a different type of story with this one.


The art looks good, though obviously there’s no sense of what the story’s about since it follows the modern comics’ approach to “decompressed” storytelling, spending 3 whole pages on about 20 seconds of a doctor’s exam. No doubt the next 11 pages of Bond eating breakfast will look just as awesome.


Issue 5 of Kill Chain en route!

For anyone looking to give these a try humble bundle are giving them away for donations for Doctors Without Borders. Good series, and the money goes to a good cause. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/james-bond-comics


Well, I finally got a response from Dynamite on Twitter on the status of the Origin:

So mid-2018. Maybe they’ll release it around my birthday, for extra fun.

Forever And A Day - Anthony Horowitz (SPOILERS! BEWARE!)

And they nicely also, sort of, explained what’s up with CR’s moving release.


It fits in with my theory that anything in the classic era has to jump through more hoops with IFP.


Meanwhile Casino Royale comic book has been postponed once again. According to Amazon it will be published on February 13. It would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve already paid for my copy. It’s ludicrous. I mean hey, it’s just a comic book. What could’ve gone so wrong that it’s to be published two years after it’s original date of issue? I know that an artist was changed, but still…


Where’d you get it from that charged already? Amazon dont charge until they’ve sent the item (in this case itll be 2 years after i ordered it)


It was one of the on-line comic bookstore here in Poland. Since there is no Polish Amazon yet, I rarely use their service (shipping costs would ruin me in the long run).


Ah, fair enough


Just read issue one of The Body, and really liked it. It had a nice, intimate feel with Bond recounting a mission to the service doctor. I liked how it explained how Bond goes about doing his job, mixed in with a comment about morality/the nature of this work. If kind of felt like a Fleming short story.


So do we know if each issue of The Body going to be a self-contained mission, or will there be an overarching story that runs through the entire series?


It looks to be somewhere between the two as Bond is going through a medical exam then telling self contained stories about how he got the injuries. I imagine at the end we’ll find how it all connects.

I really enjoyed it, was a nice change of pace for the series. I particularly like the really brutal fight that Bond lies about, telling the Doctor it was a Brosnan style stunt sequence.


Orion has the answer:


Can’t help but think this would be a really interesting structure for a future Bond film, with 007 being evaluated by the agent physician, recounting several previous, seemingly unrelated missions, only for the audience to learn that they all tie together at the end of the film.