Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


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Finally had a chance to sit down and read my Casino Royale graphic novel. I know I bitched and moaned a lot about how long it took to come out, but the quality was really worth the wait. Even though I’ve read this story dozens of times, the artwork and the script really made it feel fresh and new. I hope that they continue these and would love to read Moonraker in particular. Incidentally, did anyone think the Leiter in the comic looked particularly like Jack Lord with blond hair?


Yes. And did you notice Kristatos?

Bond did evoke Michael Fassbender at times as well.


As I stated before in another post, Van Jensen has a script completed for Live and Let Die.
Fingers crossed that we hear something soon! Also, hopefully we don’t have to wait delay after delay again.


Look on the books spine, you’ll see the placing in a set (1 obviously) so, as of the books printing, they are still intending on continuing.


With Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die Dairies book coming out this fall, there may be more to come with Live and Let Die. Fingers crossed for the best and soon!


Still have my rare copy of the LALD diary. It’s a great read.


I can’t wait to get the new version of it as the movie/book is almost 20 years older than me. It’s one of my favorites in the film series and Roger Moore is never boring. I also trust Dynamite Comics and the work that they do. The end of the year looks promising for us 007 fans in several ways!


So while reading the CR graphic novel, I came across a line that confused me when I read it in the novel as well. “On an instinct, he touched wood.” At first I thought it was a really old way of saying he got an erection or something. But it really didn’t make sense, and doubly so for the graphic novel where he is shown literally touching the wood of the table. It wasn’t until listening to a podcast recently that someone British uses the phrase in the same context as an American might say “knock on wood” that I figured it out.


Also, finally some news on James Bond Origin:


Wow about time! Jeff Parker did great with Batman 66. I can’t wait, I was getting worried for Dynamite. I take it this will be 6 issues as usual? I’m excited to see how this goes. I haven’t read Young Bond.


A thought just came to me. Could there be a Hugo Drax Easter egg for us? He did fight in WW2. Dynamite wants to at least make a Moonraker graphic novel.


The artwork is very Young Bond. I’m interested to see if there’s any reference to those books in any way.


I really think FAAD really pushed back some of Dynamite’s projects. Think about it: they’re all period pieces at beginning of Bond’s life. I think IFP wanted everything out in a specific way. After the success of both FAAD in the UK and the graphic novel of Casino Royale, I think that they finally decided to go ahead on James Bond Origin. I also think not having a movie for so long and no official announcements until recently have helped. My guess is that for the next spin off is Blofeld. Show his early life and how he built Spectre and his employees (Largo, Irma Bunt). Waiting for all these will hopefully pay off.


I believe that one of the artists doing the covers is the same artist who did character designs and illustrations for the first set of Young Bond books. I too hope there is some reference. I can’t recall what year Russian Roulette was supposed to be set, but I can’t imagine it’s long before Origin.

I was wondering that as well. After The Body ends this week, there is nothing on Dynamite’s schedule Bond-wise, except for collections of stories that had come out in single issues. I kind of figured they were giving time for people to read Forever And A Day and the Casino Royale graphic novel. I also wonder if this means the end of Dynamite’s modern day Bond comics. I have been really enjoying them, and would be sad to hear they’re coming to an end.


I was thinking the gap might be IFP related too. Could even be as simple as thinking longer forms (such as a novel and a graphic novel) would sell better over summer months than monthly comics would.

Hopefully we’ll see the return of modern Bond, but I seem to recall Andy Diggle saying that their comics didn’t have to be in cannon with each other, but when Felix writer decided his would be, Diggle liked the notion having a Comic Bond cannon so kept it. It then stuck for Black Box, Kill Chain and The Body, but it was never a mandate, so it’s up to a future writer whether he/she wants their Bond story to follow the ones that came before.


I didn’t think much of The Body arc. It started out okay, but I lost interest. I’ll be glad when it’s over, to be honest. It’s the weakest of the new run in my opinion. And the art isn’t that great.

That will be interesting to see. I’m thinking they slowed down the release of the comics for the reasons already listed here (waiting for FAAD to be released). But we’ll have to wait and see. They may let Origin play out before moving onto the next arc, instead of juggling multiple arcs like previously. I agree it would be a shame to drop the modern day Bond…at least for a substantial time.


Really? I’ve been quite enjoying it. The only issue I wasn’t really fond of was #5. I liked how different it was from the other arcs. I mean, one issue was just Bond and someone in an interrogation room, but got to the heart of the character. It reminded me of some of the Fleming short stories, where it wasn’t necessarily a big adventure, but a smaller story that had more character work.


I suppose so. I want to see if they manage to tie everything together somehow in the last issue.


I’ve really enjoyed the detour into aspects of Bond’s job you rarely see, nice change of pace for their sixth volume. The final issue has been dispatched so I’m keen to see how it all ties together (if it does) before we have a summer break before Origins starts. Could also allow them have a breather before a glut of comics in ‘19 when a certain film arrives…