Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


Do you think that Dynamite will do two or more storylines at once? 007 in the present, Origins, Felix Leiter or another spin off, and a graphic novel adaption. Could they really afford to do a Marvel Studios approach to the comic adventures of James Bond? We know one of each is coming, but when and how much? And above all, what cost on both sides?


In the past they often had two series running concurrently. You had Felix and Black Box at the same time, with overlaps with Hammerhead, if I recall. And with the graphic novel adaptations taking so long, I don’t have too many worries about it overlapping with Origins. I also wasn’t aware we were getting another arc of Felix. I think The Body is the first arc that didn’t actually have overlap with another Bond comic.


Well, I suppose it did with the Casino Royale adaptation. I thought it did with the M stand alone as well but I might be misremembering that. Speaking of, was delighted to notice they describe the collection of the stand alone as case files VOLUME 1…more stand alone comics on the way?


Bob Parker goes into detail about Origins, in a interesting interview.


I got to say, Dynamite has done a better job with James Bond than most of the continuation authors. Fingers crossed for a new present day storyline, Felix Leiter part 2 and graphic novels of Live and Let Die and Moonraker!


I get what you mean. The comics authors clearly want to make Bond, not their own books or a charicature of Bond. Forever and A Day is the first of the “Guest author” books to show the same love for the character, both in fIlm and book.


As good as a 007 author Anthony Horowitz has been, he got lucky with getting access to Ian Fleming’s other material. Hopefully Dynamite will as well, at least with Origins.


True. Though in FAAD’s case, the Fleming content was only a minor flashback and not integral to the ‘present day’ story itself. Take that away and the book still stands strong on its own.

Agree. I don’t mind reading books, but these comics engage me a lot more than say, the Gardner series.


The Fleming material is just a series of plot outlines, so short that they’ve only made a single chapter worth of story, “Murder on Wheels” in Trigger Mortis then “Russian Roulette” in Forever and A Day, so I wouldn’t put too much credence into that marketing push.


A thought came to me at work today. I think we could get two Ian Fleming adaptions next year. One in April for LALD’s 65 anniversary and Moonraker in time for Bond 25. Either way, there will be new storylines around those times.


New comic book series in November with a familiar character…


Pak has VERY impressive CV, excited to read this.

I wonder why they wanted a summer break for these?


Probably a mixture of things. Forever and a day was one, give people a chance to breathe. Secondly, the official news that 007 was coming back to the big screen. Lastly to get their period 007 stories out, CR and Origins. Can’t wait to see Oddjob again! Ironically, first Pussy Galore in Trigger Mortis, now Obbjob. Who next? Goldfinger, 006 Alec, Jaws, Blofeld? The opinions are limitless!


At the moment I have trouble seeing how this could be the original Oddjob. That one disappeared through a much-too-small airplane window. Or was left behind at Fort Knox, depending which version you prefer. A brother/cousin/uncle maybe…?


The gap is between body and origins, FAAD, CR and M came when The Body was still going, then this will overlap with Origins. Just for some reason, they decided July and August would be Bond free.


The picture on the cover indicates a family member, he looks to younger than Fleming or Films Odd Job.


Hmm, so the title is described as “ongoing” but elsewhere in the article it says it’s only six issues long. Which is it?


James Bond is an ongoing series (of which this would be volume 7) this title will be six issues long, the length of the average graphic novel, just like the others have been.

I feel I should add the proviso that they arn’t actually numbered when collected, each one was published in TPB form as if they were completely stand alone, and indeed they are for the most part, if memory serves only Ellis made past reference and that was to his own story and you didn’t need to know it.


I’m curious what sort of timeline they’ll establish for the comic book Bond’s encounter with the original Oddjob, and how different it will be from the novels. Other than the second arc, with SPECTRE, this will be the first time that they’ve touched upon any of the original Fleming villains and henchmen if I recall. Would answer one of my questions about whether this Bond has experienced any of what happened in the novels.


Ellis said in an early interview that IFP told them to assume modern versions of Flemings works had happened.