Fantasy Bond casting game through the decades

On this bank holiday, I’m reminded of a game /ongoing discussion with my late father, what if the Bond actors had been unavailable…
Rules were as follows- 3 actors per decade, must be from the British Isles or the Commonwealth.
Today my list is as follows.
1960s - Richard Harris, Rod Taylor, Terrence Stamp.
1970s- Michael Caine, Oliver Reed, Calvin Lockhart.
1980s- Gabriel Byrne, Patrick Begin, Lewis Collins
1990s - Clive Owen, Liam Neeson, Daniel Day Lewis.
2000s - Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Russell Crowe.
2010s - Idris Elba, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy.

If nothing else it shows how good Eon’s casting directors are!


I always thought that Adrian Paul, most known for playing Duncan mcCleod in highlander the series would have made a great James bond to take over from piers brosnon


Really great choices!

I’d particularly echo:

Oliver Reed, Lewis Collins, Russell Crowe and Hardy.

Inspired choices i hadn’t thought of are Richard Harris and Gabriel Byrne.

And of course the dream choice that trumps just about every other is Daniel Day Lewis. I’d take him as Bond in any decade - even this one - even now; not that he’d ever have considered it i imagine.

Only names i’d add off the top of my head is Richard Burton circa 60s’ and Dan Stevens for the 2020s.

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I like the idea of both Stevens and Burton

I don’t know if there is any truth to the rumor that Adam West audition for the role of Bond after Connery left but I did make a “What if?” poster for him many years ago.

I just realized I made this poster 12 years ago!


Gareth Hunt was entertaining in The New Avengers, so he could have been interesting.

I agree, he had a certain physicality which could have worked