Fight of Fights - the Deathmatch

So here we are with the two favourite fights from each 007 era - the winners made their game pretty clear, while the second place was usually closer contested. A surprise may be that neither Connery’s Bond vs Odd Job nor Bond vs Franks made it - at least it was for me.

Anyway here goes: poll on the finale remains open until October 31st. noon-ish GMT.

  • Bond vs Grant (GF)
  • Bond vs sumo wrestler (YOLT)
  • Bond vs Che-Che (OHMSS)
  • Bond vs Blofeld bob chase (OHMSS)
  • Bond vs Chang (MR)
  • Bond vs Sandor (TSWLM)
  • Bond vs Necros plane fight (TLD)
  • Bond vs KGB killer Gibraltar (TLD
  • Bond vs Trevelyan (GE)
  • Bond vs Graves sword fight (DAD)
  • Bond vs Obanno (CR)
  • Bond vs Hinx train fight (SP)

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Bond vs Grant should be FRWL.

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Indeed, well spotted, @Yellow-Pinky! You will get a * on your half term report card.

I was just looking which of you pay attention to detail…

Same routine as last time: new thread & new poll.

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