Finally Watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull


I think there’s one rule break per franchise - maybe. If we put all the religious stuff under the same banner, regardless of culture.

Just an idea. May even have read it somewhere.

If the film hadn’t had Indy in it, maybe it w would have been better received.


If it didn’t have indy in it, we wouldn’t still be talking about it.


I believe that a lot of the internet criticism pointed at Crystal Skull is just what happens when original films get so beloved: audiences claim those worlds for themselves and decide that they know better what these worlds should be about.

It happened with Star Wars, it happened with Bond and it will happen with the Marvel films etc. Hell, it happened with music’s biggest stars whose later albums became objects of hatred and scorn - just because they did not deliver the rush audiences felt earlier in their lives. Guess what: as you grow older you will view things differently and, yes, become not as fascinated anymore.

I´m not saying one should swallow whatever the artists come up with. But the outrage of audiences, facilitated by the internet, is plain silly. Artists create and make choices. If one does not like them one can be disappointed. But it´s just a piece of entertainment.


Hence why nostalgia needs to die.


Not at all, it just needs to be enjoyed and put into perspective.


Nostalgia is one of the most beautiful things we can experience. But it’s also dangerous. It takes us back to a happier, simpler time. A perfect world which we long for/nothing compares to. And you know what? That’s pretty much true. You can’t compete with such strong feelings. But regardless - films and other entertainment (books, music, etc) should look forward and create their own history. It’s the only way, otherwise creativity dies.


I agree that nostalgia can be a beautiful thing. However, it tends to make us think in ways that never really were and yes it prevents us from moving forward. Star Wars is the perfect example of nostalgia gone wrong. The fondness people have for the original trilogy makes it near impossible for anything to ever measure up. Despite Return of the Jedi being a steaming load of crap. Sure the prequels had their issues, but at least they dared to be different. The Force Awakens is the worst kind of nostalgia trip. It shamelessly remakes the original Star Wars and is both hailed and reviled for it. Then along comes The Last Jedi which actually does try to be different and its reviled for not being close enough to the originals. This is the danger in nostalgia and why I’m not a fan.


And let’s not forget our dear DB5. I’m about done with (cinematic) nostalgia at this point.


Yes, the DB5 is iconic, but let it go. The Lotus Esprit is iconic too and that car hasn’t been seen since 1977. The DB5 appearing in TB was cool, despite the car being destroyed in GF. I didnt mind it in GE and TND as it hadn’t been seen in 30 years and it was more like Bond’s personal car. But EON have gone overboard in the Craig era with it appearing in CR, SF, and SP. Enough already.


The one that gets me the most is SP. Its destruction in SF was epic-- I took it to mean it was the end of the DB5 (at least for a couple of decades).

I cannot fathom why Mendes brought it back for SP. Bond had a gadget-laden car in SP anyway (which I really liked and thought was a nice addition to the Bondmobile canon). The DB5 served no purpose other than to wink at the audience and completely undermine its destruction in SF.