Forever And A Day - Anthony Horowitz (SPOILERS! BEWARE!)


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USA Today: ★★★½ out of four: “Horowitz’s trademark is a kind of gorgeous competence; a reader always feels utterly secure in the credibility of his narratives, however outlandish they get. Here, again, he handles a complicated plot with aplomb (and blessedly few explosions). Does he find a human being inside James Bond? He tries, and Sixtine is one of the best Bond girls ever written. The fact that such a well-populated class exists, though, cuts against the very idea of the redemption Horowitz proposes.”

Robert Allen Papinchak, Los Angeles Review of Books: “…fast-paced… Forever and a Day pushes all the Bond buttons. The requisite staccato sentences, the larger-than-life characters, the vivid details of geography, and the action-packed chase episodes. He also justifies cold-blooded murder in the performance of duty to stop crime and save democracy. […] In Scipio, Horowitz has created a proper Bond villain. […] Like most Bond novels, Forever and a Day is heavily plot driven, with dollops of character, and hefty action sequences. Reading any of Fleming’s novels underscores how closely Horowitz adheres to the sense and the style of the original texts. The brisk pacing of Casino Royale is replicated here in each of the brief chapters. Action sequences exist not only for the sake of dramatic tension but also to move the plot along. […] Horowitz’s exact images of regional details echo Fleming’s keen eye for setting. […] Throughout the novel, Sixtine threatens to steal the spotlight from Bond.”!

Adam Woog, The Seattle Times: “…a shrewd and thoroughly entertaining yarn…”

HotPress (Ireland): 4th best novel of the year (just behind books by Julian Barnes and Michael Ondaatje): “Horowitz proves himself so adept at getting inside the iconic character, and Fleming’s writing style, that it’s difficult to see the join. Rip-roaringly recommended.”


As someone whose geographical location in the world means that the book’s release has eventuated into the slightly historical sense, it is good to see these reviews and wonder how they might shape the literary future. I.e., a further addition.

Thanks for finding, collating and popping up.


I think there definitely will be further entries - though if Horowitz will be doing them is anybody’s guess. He’s a very busy writer and usually has several projects of his own lined up. Could well be it will take a little while before he’s got the time for another Bond.

How well are Horowitz’ Bond novels really doing? That’s difficult to guess. Trigger Mortis was the last one that got a German translation and up to now it doesn’t look as if Forever would be published in German. And the German language market traditionally used to be a strong one for most of the novels. So strong German publisher Cross Cult even commissioned new translations of the entire Fleming canon.

Then there’s been the question of the e-reader editions, which could potentially sell much better than print. Currently the only people who really know how good Horowitz’ Bond is doing are his publishers and IFP obviously. I think it’s safe to guess they will want to continue the run as long as they are making a profit from it.

I can’t imagine IFP will miss the chance to tap into the BOND 25 buzz when that film hits theatres. My guess is we should hear soon about the follow up to Forever.