Forum Game: The Ultimate James Bond Quote Conversation

" Then, when this mission is over, I will kill you. "

“I love you too, M”

“Oh, spare me this sentimental rubbish!”

“You’re sensitive Mister Bond…”

'I have a little itch…down there."

" I’ve never killed a midget before. "

“I may be small but I never forget.”

“Hmmm, it is little Otto. He was one of your mother’s lovers. We often find him lying around.”

“You always were a cunning linguist, James.”

“You forget…I took a First in Oriental languages at Cambridge.”

“ Now there’s a mouthful. “

“It’s the right size, for me that is.”

“You know, this sort of behavior could qualify as sexual harassment.”

“Well, you can’t win them all…”

“Yes, I thought I saw a SPECTRE on your shoulder.”

“I wouldn’t know…I’ve never lost.”

“Superb, Mr. Bond, superb!”

" And they say Communists don’t know how to have fun. "

"I don’t even have a ‘little red book’ "

“Whatever you do, don’t touch it.”