Forum Game: The Ultimate James Bond Quote Conversation

Moving this here from the old forums. I’ll quote the rules from when RIghty007 created the page back on March 9, 2008:

  1. Quotes from ALL James Bond films (official and unofficial) are fair game.

  2. You must post quotes that add to a COHERENT conversation.

  3. Do not post every other time. The game will be shut down if it looks like Person A and Person B are the only people playing.

And to start:

“Who are you?”

The man you’re talking to now. The man inside your head, is Ernst Stravo Blofeld.

“But of course you are.”
(Thank you, Dustin!)

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" Let me see your identity card! "

“Now why would you want me to do that?”

“I have a slight inferiority complex.”

“I think my mouth is too big.”

"“That depends on your definition of safe sex.”

“It must be settled the gypsy way.”

" First blood drawn from the torso!! "

“No, no. no! No more foreplay!”

“May I press you to a cucumber sandwich?”

“Beats a bag of peanuts.”

“Or even your million pounds.”

Not from where I’m standing.

“I did not tell you to get up!”

“Nobody’s asking you, gringo.”

Alright, keep your hair on.

“It’s gone. It’s gone.”

“Bird never make nest in bare tree.”