Forum Game: The Ultimate James Bond Quote Conversation


What movie is that supposed to be from?



“Bollinger? If it’s '69 you were expecting me.”


Moonraker, I had the quote wrong. Fixed.


No surprise - NBC censors that line for being ‘suggestive’.
What’s so suggestive about liking a ten-year old wine? They never censored “Bollinger, 75” in AVTAK.


69… double entendre. Not sure what sex position 75 would be.


I’ve never understood censorship on double entendre, as you have to already know the crude meaning to get it, so isn’t removing it just drawing attention to the potentially rude nature in a way that a more innocent mind would’ve otherwise missed?

It’s like being told “don’t look under my bed” by a 14 year old without provocation.


To continue in that vain , a quote that for some reason was never censored on British TV…
“Don’t get the soap in my eye will you”


" THAT is not the soap! " :laughing:


“I thought Christmas…”

Oh never mind :wink:


“Graves seems to be clean.”


“Smoking is dirty - it gets into Jack’s eye.”


" I hope not, but accidents do happen. "


“Not to me!!”


"They told me you were assassinated in Hong Kong. "


“Kowloon side.”


“Our man in Hong Kong is working on it right now”


“Phu yuk?”


“Twenty thousand baht!”


“Well, that’s peasant food for us.”


"I prefer cash. "