Forum Game: The Ultimate James Bond Quote Conversation


“115 million in the pot.”


“That should keep you in curry for a few weeks.”


(I hate that line)

“Oh no, I like Sake.”


(I think the line is shielded by the bigger hit of Temple Of Doom coming out shortly after. It’s representation of India makes Octopussy seem like a commercial by the Indian Tourist board by comparison.)

“Stirred not shaken, that was right wasn’t it?”


(I know :wink: )
“Do I look like I give a damn”


(That’s a good point)

“Make your choice .”


“Lead or Silver.”


“This is gold, Mr. Bond.”


“Sounds like a load of bull.”


" Well…you bring me the real money and I’ll get you the real diamonds! "


“I’m on my way to the bank right now.”


“Mr. Bullion does not trust banks.”


“They’re Democrats, Maybelle.”


“Billy Bob’ll get ‘em.”


“He’s the best we have, but I don’t tell him.”


“You’re just saying that to hurt me”


" Well that’s brothers for you; they always know which buttons to press."


‘‘Still press here, do I?’’


“Oh go on then, eject me. See if I care!”


“You must be joking.”