Forum Game: This or That?

Before 2026 (I hope!).

Shall the next run …

Have references to other Bond movies


Be starightforward adventures with zero references establishing its own continuity


In general I’d go with straightforward adventures with zero references establishing its own continuity. I would be fine with a mention of Bond being married before, but not the overt and plentiful references we’ve gotten since Die Another Day.

Better ally:

Marc-Ange Draco in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Milos Columbo in For Your Eyes Only


This is a tough one as both are great. But I’ll go with Draco.

Good To Have You Back
Battle at Piz Gloria

Battle at Piz Glora

Preferred car chase:-



The Man With The Golden Gun

Better ally:

“Darko” Kerim Bey in From Russia With Love


Rene Mathis from Casino Royale


Kerim Bey

Preferred movie for Bond 26:-

Risico (2026)

A dark, almost anime-like spy thriller, filmed entirely in black & white, Bond is given his 007 status literally in the dark shadows of a gothic-looking London underworld. He traces a number of mask-wearing villains, in a violent, stylish film noir.


High Time To Kill (2026)

A bright, breezy almost comic caper involving many stunts, and over the top characters. Has the look of The Man from UNCLE crossed with Octopussy. Lots of great fights and stunts, not so much plot. Wonderful sunny locations, starting with a PTS on and around Sydney Opera House, followed by Madagascar, Spain and finally New York.


You had me at Octopussy, so High Time To Kill.

Mirror Dimension James Bond:
007 steals the GoldenEye, while 006 realizes that the UK of today is not the UK of 1945 and stops Bond from destroying London
Elliot Carver’s honest and timely reporting reveals that a rogue 007 triggered a war between the UK and China so that he could destroy London with a cruise missile and become King

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Carver becoming King

Preferred title for Bond 26:-

Red Devil




Thought I’d bump this topic with:

Red Devil.
QOS for PS2


QOS for the later consoles?

I haven’t played any games but I’ll go with QoS for later consoles.

Both haven’t been adapted properly, but if the producers are going to pick some parts from a Fleming novel for Bond 26 (Remember poison Garden in NTTD and Felix maiming to a shark in LTK) which would you like to see?

Moonraker (Gala Brand, Space Rocket, Set Entirely in England, Bridge Game)


Diamonds Are Forever (The Spangled Mob (Seraffimo and Jack Spang, SPECTREVILLE, The Saratoga Springs, Football boots stomping)

It’s a good story to introduce Bond #7

New form of Bond

Touring stage production


A kids cartoon on Prime about Q’s cats as spies


I just can’t imagine how a James Bond touring stage production would have looked like. :sweat_smile:

Can I just propose a mini and limited event here in this game? Don’t worry, it will not be for long.

So this limited edition mini game is called: Characters: Book or film.

I’m interested to know what fans will choose regarding those characters whether it’s film or in the novel.

For example:

Dr. No




I’d go with Dr. No in the Film

Characters: Book or Film

Emilio Largo in Thunderball

Book Or Film?

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Book Largo, he’s Bond’s evil reflection…

Rosa Klebb

Book or Film?


Hugo Drax. Book or film?

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Film Drax

Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint

Book or film?

Interesting to see film versions winning 3 -1. Well…4-1 given my next answer :wink:

Film Wint and Kidd.

Film or book Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

I’ll let you unpack how complicated a question that is yourself.

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Which book though…
I’ll say on balance
Book Blofeld.
Film or Book

James Bond ?

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Film Bond…
I’ll go with the film, he’s more likeable and fun.

Book or Film?