Forum Game: This or That?

Okay Ladies And Gentlemen, The Rules Are Simple:

-The two options you include in your ‘___ OR ___’ must be Bond related.

-After your answer, be sure to submit the next ‘____ OR ____’

Remember, the harder the choice, the more fun the game becomes!

So, without further ado, I’ll start!

The profile customization we had in the old forums


The new, streamlined forum look?

The new of course.

Purvis or Wade?

I’ll say Wade.

Honor Blackman


Claudine Auger?

Both are lovely but I prefer Claudine Auger.

Camile Montes from Quantum of Solace OR Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies?

I’ll go with Wai Lin!

The World is Not Enough


Quantum of Solace


“The Magnificent Seven” musical interlude in Moonraker


“California Girls” musical interlude in A View To A Kill?

The Magnificent Seven is less intrusive so I’ll go with that. Besides, it also fits with James Bond, the magnificent (double-oh) seven. :smile:

Bond’s fight vs. Donald “Red” Grant in From Russia With Love


Bond’s fight vs. Peter Franks in Diamonds Are Forever

Red Grant. Also beats all other comers.

Aston Martin DB5


Lotus Esprit '77

Aston Martin DB5

The BMW Z3 in Goldeneye


The BMW 750il in Tomorrow Never Dies

BMW 750il! We actually get to see Bond use it productively, unlike the BMW in Goldeneye.

Samantha Bond


Caroline Bliss

Samantha Bond – my favorite Moneypenny

Better fight?

Bond vs Raphael and Klett on the beach in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Bond vs Che-Che in OHMSS

Both good but judging on the fight alone I’ll say Bond vs. Che-Che in OHMSS.

Which Bond double feature would you rather watch?

Diamonds Are Forever/The Living Daylights


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service/The Man With The Golden Gun ?


George Lazenby stars in Diamonds Are Forever and Live And Let Die


Timothy Dalton does GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies

Definitely Dalton in GE and TND.

Another Bond double feature option:

From Russia With Love/Moonraker


You Only Live Twice/Octopussy?

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I choose From Russia With Love,

Lets take it to the ladies

Berenice Marlohe from Skyfall
Denise Richards from The World Is Not Enough

and Moonraker lol

Definitely Berenice Marlohe in Skyfall.

Would you rather…

Eat at Kamal Khan’s dinner table where stuffed sheep’s head is the main course


Sleep in a bed where a live tarantula is crawling up your body?

As long as I wouldn’t have to eat the main course, I will choose Khan’s dinner table. If I had to eat it, then I will take my chances with the tarantula.

Better fight?

Bond vs. the bald boss, Achmed, and Rahman in Saida’s dressing room in The Man With The Golden Gun


Bond vs. Max Zorin atop the Golden Gate Bridge in A View To A Kill


Okay, I’ll admit Roger was much more “fighting trim” in TMWTGG, but dizzying height alone makes the AVTAK fight so much more engaging. What’s at stake in MWTGG? Magda’s perfume bottles?

Most entertaining, pervy time-waster:

Free copy of Playboy stolen from another guy’s office (OHMSS)


Hidden periscope for “upskirt” shots of leggy secretaries (FRWL)


Definitely the hidden periscope in From Russia With Love :grin:

Most white knuckled stunt in a Bond film:

Roger Moore’s rock climbing and falling in For Your Eyes Only OR Bond vs Gobinda on top of Kamal Kahn’s plane in Octopussy?