Future Locations


I never noticed that they were implying that it was Spain - I always just assumed it was all Greece. Either way, that was almost 40 years ago so they are due for a return trip.


I visited Norway a few years back, and I thought that it would be a great location for Bond to visit at some point. The Oslo Opera House in particular needs to be in a Bond film:


If he decides to go to Stockholm he could take this amphibius bus i a scene, perhaps for a rendezvous with the Bond-girl, could be quite a memorable scene… like the hoovercrafts in DAF. :wink:

Btw, South Africa, mentioned above, was used as location in DAF if Im not mistaken.


  1. Australia (Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, the Outback)
  2. South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg)
  3. New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington)
  4. Ireland (Dublin, Cork)
  5. United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
  6. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
  7. Scandinavia (Stockholm, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Finland)
  8. Canada (Vancouver)
  9. Greece (Athens)
  10. United States of America (Honolulu, Washington D.C.)
  11. China (Beijing, Hong Kong)
  12. Japan (Tokyo)


Liking and agreed on many of these. The U.S. has been overlooked in a lot of respects.

Las Vegas - It’s changed a little bit since 1971. Lots of elegant places and there is a monorail that could lend itself to something. The vast atrium of the Luxor has some action sequence or chase potential. I hosted a Bond event there in 2007. There was much speculation and ideas about it but a unanimous decision then that 007 needed to return to Sin City.

Seattle - My home town. Also, a great looking city and home to several naval bases and Boeing which has the largest building in the world for aircraft assembly. The lakes within (Union and Washington) as well as Puget Sound give it an overall nautical vibe. Another place Bond hasn’t been.

Hawaii - Again, beyond Maui’s north shore being used for the surfing sequence in DAD, Bond (both books and films) hasn’t been there. City to jungle to beach to volcanoes.

Japan is long overdue.

Another fine point though is that locations need to be utilized for what they are. Not just establishing shots or fictional cities or island nations (i.e. Isthmus City, San Monique) and doubling for someplace. Get where the real espionage is. Tel Aviv and the UAE are epic places as well and Nordic countries would also be great.

Australia was looked at a couple of times over the years and as many have mentioned above some great locales in the lesser seen Northwestern territory.

Getting back to using locations as themselves is important. Granted, filming in Pyongyang probably wouldn’t be the best of ideas, but you can certainly lense in Moscow and Havana these days. Also, the world is smaller and with the wild, wild web, people can see locations and places and know when they’re being cheated. A lot more people travel than they used to as well.


The James Bond movie has got to go to these place, before it lacking way behind.

United Arab Emirates
Las Vegas( has changed a lot even since the remake of Oceans Eleven and Oceans Thirteen)
New Guinea
Devil’s Island
China(areas near Hong Kong)

Two of the places on the map has already been used on the Mission Impossible movies


I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with a good American location - how about having a PTS set during Burning Man? Great visuals there…



A few years ago I came up with an idea involving a madman/terrorist using a biological agent as a weapon and Bond having to work with someone from the CDC to stop it. This would’ve taken him to Washington D.C. and the CDC facility in Atlanta. This was before the Walking Dead so I don’t know if it would be an option anymore though.

I’ve also wondered if with Bond’s naval background perhaps something in connection with the US Navy and the Newport News/Norfolk/Hampton Roads area or San Diego might work too.


Burning Man would be an interesting setting for certain. It’s truly a unique event.

As to a Naval connection, I’ll again mention Seattle. The Bremerton Naval shipyards are across the sound from the city and is the home of many decommissioned ships. Also, further up the sound is Bangor which has the Pacific fleet Trident submarine base. Only a few films have really captured Seattle and filmed there. Sadly, most just get second unit establishing aerial shots and then film in Vancouver B.C.


I think Burning Man would make a great stealth chase setting a la the Junkanoo in TB or the moon buggy stuff in DAF. The tendency lately is to put weird novelty locations in the PTS, but I prefer for them to be integrated into the main plot.


Good ideas there PF. During Burning Man, Blackrock and the Playa do become (for a week) the third largest city in Nevada. It’s a maze that even with a full seven days to wander about, you never see everything. Nighttime is a spectacle to see once the sun goes down.

As to the PTS, I can go either way. Something happens pertaining to the main plot and 007 gets called in but is wrapping up some other assignment or like with GF, we just start out with Bond finishing a job which has nothing to do with the main story. I kind of prefer that myself.


A side note re: Burning Man - Brad Thor’s latest book “Use of Force” has some pretty good action set around it where terrorists integrate themselves into the crowd. It’s a hella good read.

Somebody’s going to take it eventually, EON!

My most wanted locale though will always be Goldeneye. The thought of Bond walking past the desk with a typewriter on it is just too much. Every time I see CR and the scene where Bond is sitting at the laptop at the Ocean Club I think that if they had just tweaked the script a little bit to have made it Jamaica instead…




A former radio station near the place I live. It’s out of service since the beginning of this year (future is uncertain). Built in the 1950s, a ridiculously huge thing right in the middle of nowhere. It’s never been open to the public and never been used in film. The tower in the back is an old TV tower with an open spiral staircase:


The whole complex is inside a large fenced area. Trespassing could get you into big trouble back in the day. I could only get inside because my former sister-in-law had a flock of sheep on the premises.

It’s the perfect villain’s lair, no doubt.


Wow… That’s a great looking place. Could be great for the good guys or the baddies. Very cool.


When it comes to snowy mountains they always go for the Alps. How about the Himalayas and Katmandu? Incredible vistas and architecture and the nicest people.

Varanasi, north eastern India. They burn bodies 24/7 on the ghats of the Ganges. That’s some back drop and context and potentially a sticky situation for bond to escape - wrapped tight in beautiful material, being carried to an open pyre to be incinerated for crowds to watch.

Ayers Rock is an obvious one awaiting Bond’s first Australian mission. The desert is red as Mars and every twig and creepy crawly seems out to get you. It makes for an interesting villains lair/launch site - though perhaps a little too Austin Powers!


The baddies, most definitely.

Today was “Open Monuments Day” (I have no idea what the correct English name for this is) in Germany, on which certain monuments and buildings are open to the public and luckily, this one was on this year’s list. Hundreds of people there, had to wait for over an hour to get inside…

In brief: the only thing that’s missing is a huge world map with flashing lights. Huge and outlandish? Check. Weird looking technical stuff with loads of switches, levers and buttons? Check. Shark pool (no kidding)? Check. Control room with master control board? Check. Huge conference table for 25 people? Check. And all this in vintage style…

Funnily, this was build in 1954, when no one even knew what something like a “Bond villain’s lair” would be…


Ken Adam would rise from the grave over this! Super cool. 1954…Right on the heels of a certain literary creation. Somebody call EON.


It would not surprise me if Ken Adam was aware of it and was influenced by it.


Wouldn’t surprise me if he designed it. He did work briefly as an architect in his youth.


Looks quite stunning, a dream location for all kinds of weird stuff.