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I guess there are rumors circulating (most likely going to be false if not already debunked) that producers are scouting Croatia as a filming location for the next movie. This got me thinking about potential filming locations for future films. I think over on the other forum someone mentioned wanting to see Australia as a location. Are there any locations that you would want to see for future movies?

The franchise hasn’t been in the US since Casino Royale (although those scenes were actually filmed in the Bahamas) and none of Brosnan’s were set in the US to the best of my memory. Is there a good potential US location? Were any of the previous films set in Spain? I know OHMSS was in Portugal and LD was in Gibraltar, but I can’t remember any being set in Spain.


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Good idea for a thread.

The US ought to have countless previously unused locations left, I believe the main reason the US doesn’t feature any more is that for US audiences they are not considered exotic enough and shooting there is supposedly more expensive than in neighbouring countries. Still, a sequence in the US is probably overdue.

Personally, I’d like to see Australia, New Zealand or Afrika used, though that’s rather general as suggestions.

New Zealand is gorgeous and I think the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fatigue has probably worn off by now. True, there aren’t a lot of exotic locations in the US, but I think there are a few locations that - if done right - could make for intriguing locations.

I do not care about the locations as long as they return to actually using them and not tread them like it could be filmed in the studio.

Definitely agree there. What is the point of going to Shanghai when hardly more than a couple of frames end up in the finished product? In any case, I’d rather have less locations and use them to the fullest instead.

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I don’t want to see Turkey or Venice to be used ever again. Sick to death of them.

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I think both have fared considerably better than some others; like Rome in the chase sequence recently for example. But we’ve definitely had our fill of them for some time, I agree.

For some reason I’d like Craig to return to Karlovy Vary/Karlsbad for his last film, that would give his run a bit of a twist at the end. Maybe be truly bold and actually call it Karlovy Vary now, there is much more to the town than we’ve seen in CASINO ROYALE.

Somewhere like Dubai or one of the other UAE cities would seem a natural location for a Bond film. They’re places associated with luxury and decadence, are where the wealthy and powerful like to hang out and look like they could have been designed by Ken Adams in his prime.

I spent some time in Bali a few years ago, a truly beautiful country largely untouched by the film industry. The south has plenty of 5 star hotels while the north has some breathtaking scenery.

I’ll be happy with anything that isn’t Italy, Florida, or London.

I’d love to see Bond return to Russia as a main location, and a return to Japan is long overdue. The southern hemisphere hasn’t been explored at all. I can think of lots of cool things to do with Argentina, South Africa, and Australasia. Ireland would make a fun second-act detour.

If Bond finds himself in the US, he should visit a tribal casino. That would be an interesting variation on the formula.

The Kimberley region of Western Australia would be incredible. Have a Google and see for yourself.

The pre title sequence of The World is Not Enough was set in Bilbao, Spain.

As always I’d love to see Bond visiting Poland (and I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen anytime soon).
And why no film has been set in Australia so far is a mystery. That would be an obvious choice. South Africa is also a good idea. Canada perhaps?
As much as I love Italy, Bond should stay away from the country in the near future.

Even without a YOLT-kind of plot I agree: Japan is overdue again. I would also love to see Bond go to Australia (which happily is nearby) and a Skandinavian country (at least for some snow action).

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For Your Eyes Only.

I too would like to see Australia/New Zealand.

And yes, the U.S. is overdue for a visit.


Although I want to see brand new locations I don’t mind going back to Japan if it means we get the YOLT novel storyline.

I’d like to see a return to Jamaica since it’s a large part of Bond’s mythology but has yet to appear in the Craig era. Bond 25 begins with him out of the service living or holidaying in Jamaica. This could be filmed at Fleming’s GoldenEye estate. Blofeld escapes prison and Bond returns to London and MI6. Then off to the USA to Saratoga Springs or Las Vegas to investigate the Spang Brothers and their connection to Blofeld. After an encounter in Spectreville Bond tracks Blofeld down to Japan and his garden of Death.

I would split the film in two with the entirety of the last half of the movie taking place in Japan.

I don’t remember any of FYEO being set in Spain. I remember Greece and Italy, but not Spain. I could be mistaken though.

It’s funny, all of the other major (at least as the average US person would perceive it) European countries have been used - France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Austria - have all been used but not Spain.

Hector Gonzales’s villa and the Citroen chase are in Spain. All through the chase you can hear the henchmen yelling stuff like “Vamos rapido!” and “No puede escapar!”

IIRC, Spain is stated in FYEO as Gonzales having a villa near Madrid but it was all filmed in Greece. I know the entire Citroën chase was done there, but I believe the villa sequences were done there as well.

I could be wrong. May have to check on this. I know I’ve got it somewhere in print.

IMDB says that FYEO filmed only in Greece, Italy, UK, and the Bahamas (underwater scenes). It looks like all the Gonzales/Citroen stuff was filmed in Corfu.

Fair enough then. I always give IMDB (as of late - they are pretty accurate given time) a 90+. Spain is suggested but beyond a few road signs when Bond consults his map (in the good old days before GPS) in the Lotus and the tourist bus sign stating Madrid just prior to the chase, it is just old school window dressing by the crew. :sunglasses:

A few years ago I went on at trip to the Greek island of Poros with my school. While out on a day trip they made a big deal of going past a location that was used in a Bond film, the villa from For Your Eyes Only. I can’r remember if was on Poros or whether we’d gone somewhere else for the day, this would have been back in the early 2000’s so my memory on the specifics are understandably fuzzy.
However if you Googlemap these co-ordinates: 37°30’46.4"N 23°27’46.6"E
and go to satellite view I think you’ll agree it’s possible that it’s the one.