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We had this one in the old forums. I’m playing a lot of games whilst in lockdown. Wondering what everyone else is playing currently. I just finished Red Dead Redemption II and Control. Control was a lot of fun and I love seeing Remedy find interesting ways to connect all of their games. Red Dead Redemption II, on the other hand, tells one of the most heart-breaking stories in all of video games and includes one of the best protagonists in Arthur Morgan. I won’t lie, I definitely teared up at the end of RDR2. Next up, I’m going to be jumping into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as I’ve never played it. I’m also eagerly waiting on The Last of Us Part II (please do not post spoilers if you’ve seen the leaks) and Ghost of Tsushima.

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I’ve been feeling a bit burned out on endlessly watching stuff so I have decided to give gaming another go as it’ll make me feel like I’ve achieved something. I was never a huge gamer so I’ve jumped back into Star Wars: The Old Republic as it’s comfortable an familiar and I already had it installed. It’s basically how I remember with a couple of years of tweaks and mods.
For anyone familiar I’m currently doing the Imperial agent story which I remember being one of the best.

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I’ve picked up a few games on sale during this, including The Division 2, which given it’s setting (post-viral apocalypse DC), I’ve found ironically enjoyable. I’ve found that I’ve been enjoying open world games a lot more. I tried Arkham Asylum, but the idea of being trapped in a building was giving me anxiety, so I skipped it and went to Arkham City, which, while still having the premise of being trapped in an island, has a much broader open world feel.

Took the opportunity, with the remake of Resident Evil 3 coming out recently, to make my way through the series since I wasn’t able to back when they first were released. Completed the original game, RE2 remake, and RE3 remake, and am currently trying to get my way through Code Veronica.

I’ll get to the RE3 remake soon. I really liked what Capcom did with the RE2 remake, so I’m looking to the next. That said, I hope Code Veronica gets the remake treatment next and not RE4 as is rumored. RE4 really doesn’t need a remake, it still holds up surprisingly well today for a 15 year old game (wow, I can’t believe RE4 is 15 years old). Code Veronica tells an interesting story and, like 2 and 3, is in dire need of modernization.

From what I’ve heard, it sounds like the RE4 remake is full steam ahead, but there was something I saw somewhere from a former employee of Capcom who said that he thought a remake of Code Veronica could be in the cards if the fans keep up the public demand for it. After RE8 is released next year, that team will need to have a new project to work on, and it’s already been stated that more remakes are being strongly considered.

I would venture to say that even the original game could use another remake. The first remake was just a new coat of paint on top of, more or less, the same game. The fixed angles and tank controls remain (although there was an option for modern controls, but with the fixed angles, they’re just as clunky as the tank controls). I think that the style of the remakes for RE2 and RE3 would work wonders for the original game. It would also work wonders for Code Veronica.

I’ve never played RE4-6, so I have no idea how in need of a remake those are, but I’ll get around to those if I ever get through Code Veronica. I remember having played it way back when it came out on Dreamcast originally, and I made it all the way to the end, but didn’t have adequate supplies to beat the final boss, and I never got around to actually beating it.

The PS4/X1 versions of RE1 are a fresh coat of paint, but the original 2002 remake was very much a new game. However, I agree that a modern take on RE1 could be great especially if they could finally create a cohesive story that properly blends Chris’s and Jill’s scenarios with a modern camera and control scheme. Personally, I don’t think RE4-6 need remakes. RE4 still looks damn good after all these years and RE5 and 6 are basically modern games, even if they don’t really feel like classic Resident Evil.

It would seem to me, that if they’re going to be remaking all of these things, then remake them all. RE would also benefit from having RE3’s take on Jill Valentine in it. I can’t say I’m an expert on the character, but I loved the reinterpretation of her in the new RE3. The voicework was superb, as was the character model and overall presentation of the character. She’s got more of an edge to her than what was in the PS4 remaster of the original game, and I very much want to see more games with that character.

Likewise, RECV would benefit from having RE2 remake’s Claire in it. Not that the original game is in any way unique in having poor voice acting (all of the original RE games feature it, I’ve heard), but having seen a far superior interpretation of the character in the modern remakes, it’s clear that CV would greatly benefit from having that presence in the game. They could also completely overhaul the Steve character as well. He’s very much in need of it.

I’m waiting patiently for CYBERPUNK 2077 and GHOST OF TSUSHIMA.

Finished Code: Veronica. Seems a bit odd that, having now played just the first few minutes of the fourth game, that the Umbrella corporation pretty much just disappears (at least according to the pre-game text scroll). Maybe they come back up in the next one, who knows.

And, as far as the fourth game is concerned, good lord those are some awful controls. I didn’t think it got any worse than the tank controls on the older games, but it’s like they married those to some kind of hybrid between the now-outdated GoldenEye 007 for N64 controls with modern third-person, behind the shoulder controls to make an absolute mess of something that feels, at first, to be rather unplayable. Not at all impressed at this point, especially for a game that is constantly held up as this great thing.

RE4 was revolutionary and it’s controls excellent…in 2005. They controls are atrocious by modern standards. Umbrella was dumped during RE4’s tumultuous development. If you play Umbrella Chronicles it shows Umbrella’s downfall, but it’s nothing to write home about. I don’t necessarily lament the dropping of Umbrella as they were more or less faceless villains. It would have been nice to have come up against the execs there, but meh I don’t really mind at this point. Suffice to say, there may yet still be more to find…

I had planned on playing all the way through to RE7 (which I’ve already played), but I don’t see myself giving RE4 much more time. By today’s standards, it’s an unplayable mess, and I totally get now why they are remaking it.

It would have been nice to see how the whole thing with Umbrella ended. REC:V was a very odd way to end that whole storyline, what with killing off the last remnants of the original founders of the organization in a base in Antarctica which was partially built to resemble the mansion from the first game. Just…weird.

“Just…weird” does sum up most of the logic in Resident Evil games. Something I really liked in the remake of 3 was Carlos noticing that Racoon security systems, across the whole city, are weird.

I haven’t really done video games in over a decade, but on a friend’s recommendation and with lockdown looking imminent I got myself an Oculus Quest for exercise and the potential of fooling my brain into thinking it’s had some ‘outside time’.

It’s an amazing device indeed mitigating the lockdown depression with the uncanny sense of having been out and about (visited Abu Dhabi and Victoria Falls yesterday) and a fitness app called Box VR has gotten me into better shape that my usual swimming regime! Thoroughly recommended.

It would be spectacular if Eon could commission a Bond game for Oculus. Something new or perhaps repurpose GE for VR! Here’s hoping.

I just want them to commission any game, VR or otherwise. Lol

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A developer needs to actually want the licence.

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There have been developers that have expressed interest in the license. There was a (very) brief time that I entertained the idea of Rocksteady’s mystery project being a Bond game, but I think the likely small expected sales of a Bond game would prevent a big company like Rocksteady or Rockstar from taking on the probably expensive Bond license. When Sony had the distribution rights to the Bond films they should have used that to get the Bond game license and have one of their first party studios develop a Bond game like they did with Spiderman. I doubt Insomniac or Naughty Dog would do it, but Sony Bend and Ready at Dawn could have. Despite The Order: 1886 being short, the game looks stunning (even in 2020) and Days Gone, while kind of a The Last of Us rip-off, is not actually a terrible game, just one that arrived at the wrong time. Alas, I highly doubt we’ll ever get a new Bond game unfortunately. That said, if it ever does happen, the game should carve out its own universe and not be tied directly to whichever actor is portraying the role at the time. Craig’s Bond did not, for a good Bond game, make.

Totally. Avoiding being a film tie-in is the best way to go. Do what Dynamite did with the comics, and what the Arkham series and Marvel’s Spider-Man have done, and make it its own thing!

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Despite Blood Stone using Craig and being tied to the Craig films, it did at least try to build its own narrative with the villain that Nicole was working for. It was a real shame that Activision didn’t even remotely try to market it and and as a result of very poor sales closed Bizarre Creations and cancelled Raven Software’s direct followup in favor of a ps3/360 remaster of the wii goldeneye. Then just completely phoned in the 50th anniversary with 007 Legends completely killing off the Bond games. You can’t even buy them on steam anymore. To that end, I wonder, does Activision still hold the Bond license or has MGM gotten it back and just nobody (even MGM for that matter) doesn’t want to spend the money to make another one?

Picked up The Last of Us Part II and have been playing through it. It’s definitely a lot of fun, however, I am not quite sure about the story. I will discuss more when I completely finish it.

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