Genuine (?) Bond Props at H.E. Auction

The Hollywood Extravaganza items look legit, but for a few things, any comments?

The only one of the Bond items that is described as “screen used” is the GE PPK.
All the others… I’ve seen so much of those CR chips on offer that heaven knows wether they’re genuine or not.

The descriptions are rudimentary, and I can’t see any COA being mentioned anywhere. Looks like a bit like a number of cats in a number of sacks.

And as for such things as the Vesper business card, items like that can be remade with almost no effort by any decent graphic designer… A few years ago, I had the opportunity to buy remakes of the OHMSS Gumbold corrospondence (the letters Bond photocopies) and a few other things. They were incredibly well made by someone who put a lot of effort in it and knew his trade well, but they were clearly described as remakes and cost I believe 10 or 15 bucks for the lot. That’s a decent price, but a business card of uncertain origin, starting at 50 and expected to make 2-400? Come on.


All the plaques look legitimate. The legitimate CR chips (if those are legitimate) have different decals/colors than the mass production kind. Same on the Skyfall chips. Hard to see on those photos.

The real Vesper cards are embossed. I’ve seen only color printed replicas. EON ran a stack of them in case Vesper wound up with a wallet/case of them. I can’t tell if this card is embossed.

The Dr. No plaques are definitely real. The replicas out there have a different look and would be perfectly shaped. I’d be thrilled to get those and the other items for the current bids.

Some of the other items . . .