Gladys Knight singing Licence To Kill live - BBC

I’ve not seen it mentioned elsewhere, but here’s Gladys Knight singing her Bond song on Strictly Come Dancing last week. I’ve not seen her sing it live before and it’s a pretty good version:


Actually one of my favorite Bond themes. Very cool to see it remembered fondly.

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BBC pitching EON for the tv rights? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not an amazing performance or anything but TV performances rarely are to be fair - still a great Bond theme - both of the songs from that film have done quite well over time really - If You Asked Me To became more famous when it was recorded by Celine Dion

Seeing this performed live on TV made me want to watch the film again for the first time in a few years. Forgotten just how much i love it - that approach of Dalton being so very Bond, almost invading a late 80’s thriller, is just so brilliant. The fact its not a typical Bond film in so many ways just adds weight when it is, such as Bond taking the money from Krest in Bondian fashion, the trimuphant use of the Bond theme demonstrating that these Miami Vice/Die Hard style villains have no idea of the storm they unleashed when they touched a nerve of the best man.