Happy 2018 to all CBners!


Ladies and gentlemen,

the crew of CommanderBond.net wishes all fellow staff, members and readers a faultless ‚exfil‘ from the old year and a Happy New 2018!

Thank you for flying with CBn…


Still another 7 hours or so until New Year here in NY, and then I can finally say “Bond 25 will begin filming this year.”

It no longer feels so far off.


Local Ops has me busy but dashing in for a mo to wish all a very Happy 2018. Be safe out there.


Good riddance to this sorry year. “2017” will go down as another four-character utterance that shouldn’t be mentioned in polite company.


Happy New Year, folks.


2017 was a year for those who thought it couldn’t get any worse after the dreadful 2016. Took me only a few days to get the feeling that we didn’t really get a new year but a used one instead…

Here’s to a better 2018. :cocktail:


Happy New Year!! :champagne::cocktail: