Have you ever entered a 007 related competition?

In December last year, I ended up in hospital for 10 days, and the hospital radio were doing a competition to win two tickets to see Shakespeare’s A WINTERS TALE on the big screen at the cinema, starring Judi Dench. The question was “in what 007 movie did Judi Dench first play M?”

I entered it, forgot all about it, then got an email 6 weeks later, to say I had won!

Has anyone else on here done something similar?

When the John Gardner Bond novels were reprinted in 2012 John-Gardner.com ran a competition giving away hardcover sets of the first five books. To enter you had to answer 10 questions about the series. I was one of three winners. Still have the books. They look great.


I recently won a set of Bond playing cards from Heineken, but alas their NTTD promotion has now been pulled.

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I won opening-night tickets to Octopussy from a radio station by identifying the car Bond drove in Goldfinger (year, make & model, when ‘Aston Martin’ was all they wanted).
FFW to 2002, when another station challenged listeners to identify five theme songs from the first note of each, I was the only one who recognized AVTAK. and won premiere tickets to Die Another Day.
“Wow, you must be a real Duran Duran fan!”
Before the film rolled the hosts offered tickets to a Bond-themed party later that week. I accepted one and pulled together a black & white ensemble for the occasion.
At the party they held a trivia contest - which I aced - and a ‘who here could be Bond/ a Bond girl’ contest, which I also won (male division). The prizes weren’t as important to me as the approval I felt, which was something I needed to boost my self-esteem after my divorce.
Two months later I wore the same rig to a New Years party and met the lady to whom I am now wed.
That’s why you’ll never hear me say a word against Die Another Day.


In 1999 TDK had some Bond competition to win free cinema tickets and I won three times (on different names, from girl friend and friend) so I went three times for free seeing the Bond movie (although you could also choose another movie, if you had wanted).

Also a couple of years ago a supermarket near by had a Bond competition to win an Aston Martin, no… not a real one, but a scale model.
Only two people had entered the competition and it was decided that we both had won.

I won advanced screening tickets for both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

The irony was, I could not get to the screening, as it was 20 miles away, on a Sunday and I could not drive, as my foot was still in plaster

In 1989, I returned from a trip to find my girlfriend had entered a radio contest and won tickets to the first showing of LTK in our city (so I married her. :-))

I ended up feeling “meh” about the film and it became the first 80s Bond I did not see more than once in the cinema. So that meant I never paid even once to see it.

Then came the long hiatus and until they announced GE, I was wracked with guilt for helping to kill the franchise. :disappointed_relieved:


I remember reading somewhere that if LICENCE TO KILL had sold just one more ticket, it would have got the gross over the line necessary for production on Bond 17 to start immediately. I always wondered who was to blame for the hiatus. Now we know. :wink:


If only LTK had not been a 15 certificate here in the UK, I could have seen it! I was 2 months off of 14,but looked much younger had to prove I was over 12 to get into to see batman!