Here's to us! We are the best!

Well everyone, Commander Ian Fleming set out to write “The spy story to end all spy stories”. And he did but he also started something.

We’re all here because of it.

Here’s to another 70 years.

Cheers and a full round from the top shelf for all of us.


Cheers indeed!

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Maybe this was the reason why I felt like rereading his work yesterday. This time starting with Moonraker.


Well, Moonraker is my favorite novel. Always enjoy it and, amazingly, I do know a certain lady named Gala. :wink: Aside from eye colour, her stats are identical to the file.

Amazing that 70 years have carried on and the first 9 were strictly because of the standing power of these novels.

“There’s a useful four-letter word. And we’re full of it.” That word is BOND.