Holiday Bond Stories

Well, I’ve been away a while and had to re-register, but it’s me, MHazard. I just wanted to let folks know (and some old timers may remember) that back in 2010 a number of fan fiction authors submitted their takes on Holiday Bond stories, including famous fan-fic legends Joyce Carrington and Clinkeroo (who’s work I’ve always like a great deal). Yes, there was also one by me that I just re-read and it’s better than I remembered. Anyway, if you’d like to sample some holiday themed Bond, it’s available on page 4 of the fan fiction archives for the old site. Better still, there’s still time to submit a new one of your own here. Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to my old friends and any new folks!


Welcome back, @MHazard, good idea for a thread. Haven’t had the time to get into a Bond holiday story this year myself. But entries from fellow writers would be very welcome here.

Good to be back. Felt I didn’t have much to add that I haven’t already said. But there is this one story I can’t quite finish…Best for the holidays to you and everyone else at

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Welcome back indeed. I’ve been scheming up another little bit of adventure for 003. Maybe after the New Year.

Please do.

Dug up some old notes and first two chapters. Revising, but 009, 003, 004 are back for some fun and… introducing… Gala Brand 005. “Four if by Sea” - Transatlantic adventure on the Queen Mary 2. Mayhem, scotch, baddies, and William and Kate thrown in for fun.

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Looking forward to it Bryce. Are you still living the Bond life so the rest of us don’t have to?

Every damn day. Cheers for that MHazard. I do like our new digs here on the board, but I miss our old sig banners and everyone’s taglines.

A flurry of pages have come out in the last few days and the lump of clay is shaping into something. Been talking to 004 on some details, emailing Gala and Joyce and I had a good chance to chat in London. Still a ways to go, but the structure and outline are a lock. In a perfect world, if I could have about three clear days to work on it, I’d have it sooner.

Joyce snapped a pic of the author at work. On I go.


Splendid news, Bryce!