Houston Flight Control CapCom (YOLT)

Anyone have any idea who this actor is? He is the Houston Flight Control CapCom in the opening scene of You Only Live Twice. He has most of the lines in the first three minutes of the film, but doesn’t seem to be credited anywhere.

Interesting. I’m not sure who’s voice that is. Sounds a little like Shane Rimmer, but not quite. It can’t be the other go-to for “American technician” Ed Bishop because he’s “Hawaii.”

Maybe a bigger question is what the heck even is “Cape Com” (with an “e”)? When I was a kid I couldn’t figure out why they were talking to someone in Cape Cod.

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I’ve always taken it as stock footage with A N Other actor’s voice looped on top; so might not be an actor at all?


Ah, I misread the question. I agree with Jim: this is NASA stock footage that would have cost Eon nothing. Note that as soon as they have to show real concern on the part of the ground crew, they switch to Ed Bishop in “Hawaii” where the tracking station would logically be much smaller and the set tons cheaper to build.

But now you’ve brought it up, it would be good to know whose voice that is…

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CapCom. It’s a position. Capsule Communicator. Usually one of the backup astronauts who didn’t go on the flight. He relays information back and forth from the capsule because, as one of the astronauts, he understands that capsule better than anyone.


I’m familiar with that, yes. In fact I’m kind of a NASA buff. But outside of YOLT, I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it with the long “A” sound (“Cape”) vs the short “A” sound (“Cap”) so I don’t think anyone on the film knew what it was.

Also you always know you’re watching a British film when people say “Hooston” instead of “H’yooston.”