How would you fix Spectre

A few years ago I did a rewrite of Spectre and looking back decided to update it in order to make a stronger product. Help would be greatly appreciated.

PTS: Bond is in Mexico. MI6 has gotten a cryptic warning about an attack in Mexico that Bond is sent to thwart. Bond kills Schiarra and thwarts the attack, recovering a mysterious ring from Schiarra’s corpse and also recovering information from his laptop.

Act I

"After Mexico Bond and M are having a chat. M points out that while Bond was able to thwart the attack, the way in which it was conducted is still being used as ammunition. We learn that Bond has been communicating with M about it. There’s talk of a new program called nine eyes in the wake of multiple terrorist attacks, but at the same time they received messages from a mysterious figure hinting that there was an unseen hand behind the various attacks. Bond has been investigating one such potential lead in Mexico, which helped him thwart Schiarra.

We see there’s a lot of tension, as MI6 is still in hot water thanks to Silva’s actions (and M’s role in his fall from grace) going public. About 18 months have passed since Skyfall. Bond, having found incriminating documents in Sciarra’s laptop after he searched his house after the sequence, decides to go to rome to find more info. The laptop revealed that he was searching for someone called The Pale King.

Bond eavesdrops on the funeral, meeting Lucia. He follows and saves her from being killed before taking her to an MI6 safehouse. They get into . He promises to protect her and immediately sends Lucia to an MI6 safehouse in Rome. He than interrogates her, and finds out about the meeting that night. Bond sneaks in, and overhears everything (including information about the Pale King and how they’ve narrowed him down to a certain location in Austria) by following his daughter. Blofeld drops the reveal that he knows Bond is there and immediately sets his men on Bond. Bond narrowly escapes and decides with M’s approval to go after the Pale King.

In Austria Bond arrives at an isolated chateau, and is shocked to see that “The Pale King” is none other than Mr White. Madeline is with him as well (for simplicity’s sake) and Bond is quickly able to overpower her. He refrains from killing her and he and White have a long chat; White explains that after Bond foiled the Bolivia operation Quantum was crippled and on the run. They were approached by a mysterious up and coming criminal named Blofeld, who offered to ensure their survival and resurgence if they sold out to him and joined up. While some of them did so eagerly White was suspicious and did research on him. What little he did uncover about Blofeld’s past was enough to horrify even him (Blofeld slaughtered most of his fellow mercenaries to ensure his survival and left one alive to carry the “additional protein”.); basically Blofeld was so god damned evil even a monster like White was appalled. Ever since than White’s been on the run, trying to find ways to bring Blofeld down with what little resources he has. He also reveals that he was the one who first leaked to M that there was a shadowy hand behind each of the attacks, confirming that there’s a wolf in the fold at MI6. Bond is rather conflicted. He’s wanted revenge against White for years due to Vesper but finds in the end At this point a team of assassins shows up and tries to kill White and James. James kills them but White is mortally wounded in the shootout; he tells James to find “L’American”. At this point when Bond looks out he discovers that the second wave is preparing to blow up the house. Bond and Madeline narrowly flee the explosion and escape into the mountains.

At this point South Africa is rocked by a massive attack.

Act II

Later on in an villiage Bond and Madeline talk with Q over a laptop; Bond is suspicious as to how the assassins were able to track White given that Sciarra’s information was incomplete. They realize that someone within MI6 is feeding information to the mysterious organization; Bond is informed that while they might be able to offer sporadic help Bond will be on his own for the most part. Madeline demands to go with Bond; Bond is at first reluctant since Madeline, while somewhat proficient, is hardly a skilled agent. Madeline successfully points out that she’s the only one who knows where L’American is, and that Bond can’t just leave her lying around, since Spectre’s assassins might gun for her. Bond reluctantly agrees to let her tag along.

At the same time, the new meeting has announced that Nine Eyes will now pass. C is rather smug about this, and also reveals that MI6 and MI5 are merging under the deal, which means that M will soon be unemployed.

We cut to an Austrian city, where Bond and Madeline are walking through the streets. They have some discussion but eventually arrive at L’American. They get into the hotel room and look around. During this time they talk about their contrasting relations with Mr White. Madeline admits that she loved her father, but ultimately hated his criminal way of life. She cut off ties with him, but less than a week ago her father contacted her to reveal that he was dying of terminal cancer and he wanted to say goodbye to her. That was when James showed up. Eventually they find the secret room in L’American; it contains information about Blofeld and Spectre that White has gathered over the past few years. Bond copies the information and sends it to Q; Q informs them of the new developments. However, he’ll try to do whatever it takes but that getting resources in time might be harder. Bond, realizing he’s out of options, decides to go to Blofeld’s base and take him down. Madeline persuades him to let her come since he does need allies.

In Tunisia Bond and Madeline spend time on the train like in the movie, having a chat, and becoming closer. However, Hinx and an army of goons (Spoiler alert: one of them will become Safin later on) attack them while they’re on the train, along with some goons. Bond and Madeline make a good showing and, but ultimately Bond is forced to stand down in order to save Madeline’s life (Safin has a gun on her.)

Act III:

Q, who has been monitoring Bond, is shocked and immediately reports to M Bond’s dire straights. M has been trying to reveal the information Bond uncovered in Austria without luck, and sick of the stonewalling agrees to help. However, he realizes that they need help to go up against Blofeld. Q contacts Felix and M contacts several old friends in the army, assembling a covert strike team of American and British agents by pulling favors. They quickly head to Tunisia in order to rescue Bond. The question is whether they’ll make it in time.

Bond wakes up bound in a cell, with several guards pointing guns at him and Madeline to ensure that neither of them makes any moves. Bond’s gadgets have also been confiscated, except for the exploding watch (which they failed to find). Eventually, a tall, muscular women named Irma Bunt releases the two, and orders them to follow her. She leads them to a dark chamber, where the Karterhoff meteor is on display. Blofeld emerges from the shadows, describing the meteor like in the movie. He takes them to his control room, explaining the nature of his plan. To twist the knife in even further he taunts Bond with the fact that if anything, it was HIM who made it all possible. After all, it was gaining Quantum’s resources that allowed him to get into the big leagues and he only gained THAT after Bond crippled the Tierria project. He also mocks Bond about Madeline, comparing her to Vesper. He further states that every woman close to Bond either dies or drifts away (Camille Montes). He also reveals that while Silva didn’t directly work for him he did provide logistical support and weaponry for him to cary out his vendetta. “Raoul was a mad dog, so blinded with rage he’d do whatever it took. When I offered him logistical support he was all to eager to take it.” He even gloats that Silva’s actions helped set the stage for Nine Eyes.

Eventually, we get to the torture room. Blofeld starts to torture them…but just as the drills are about to enter Alarms start blaring and a massive explosion begins to rock the base. M and Felix have come through, sending a mixed team of US soldiers and British agents off the books. The chaos allows Bond to break free and attack Blofeld with the exploding watch like in the movie. Blofeld flees, badly injured and Bond goes in pursuit. He meets up with the commander of the operation, and tells them to go to the control room and access as much information as they can. Bond pursues Blofeld but runs into Hinx. They engage in a final showdown. Bond manages to defeat him by beating him to death with the Kartenhoff meteorite. The base goes up, but in the aftermath Blofeld’s body is not found. Bond realizes that Blofeld is still out there. In London, C is arrested, as during the raid they were able to gather additional proof of his ties to Blofeld. Nine Eyes is scrapped as a result and the other nations that suffered from Blofelds terror attacks agree to combine their resources…only this time it’s to bring Blofeld down. Bond meets Madeline; they have fallen in love but after almost watching him die Madeline feel they cannot be in a relationship. Not as long as James is part of the service and his life is in danger.

In the shadows, Blofeld swears that Bond shall pay; the battle has been lost but the war has just begun.

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