Ian Fleming Publications Announces 3 New Reprints

Today, 12 August, marks the date of Ian Fleming’s death in 1964. A man of many guises, including those of journalist, stockbroker and Naval Intelligence officer, Fleming didn’t publish his first novel Casino Royaleuntil he was 45 years old.

After the success of Casino Royale, the first print run of which sold out within a month, he published a Bond title every year until his death. The luxurious appeal of the spy fantasy – the fast cars, the exotic locales, the expensive meals and beautiful clothes, many of which were based on Fleming’s own tastes – provided a perfect escapist fantasy in a post-war world still reeling from the horrors that it had just endured. Raymond Chandler hailed Fleming as ‘the most forceful and driving writer of thrillers in England’ and his books were beloved by both presidents and the masses alike. Fleming died of heart failure on 12 August 1964, aged just 56. To read about Fleming’s life in more detail, explore our timeline here.

As we remember Fleming’s life and achievements, we here at Ian Fleming Publications would also like to take the opportunity to look ahead to the future. We’re thus pleased to announce our next publishing project, bringing three well-loved classic Bond titles back into print, all with brand-new introductions.

Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis

The first ever James Bond novel published after the death of Ian Fleming. This edition celebrates the novel’s 55th anniversary and features a new foreword by Anthony Horowitz.

Zero Minus Ten by Raymond Benson

Rediscover this classic Bond continuation novel in a brand-new paperback edition. It will include a new introduction from the author himself, Raymond Benson.

James Bond: The Authorized Biography by John Pearson

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the authorised biography’s publication, this edition will feature a new foreword written by Mark Pearson, John’s son.

All three titles will be published in paperback in the UK on October 5th, James Bond Day, and will be priced at £9.99 each. They are all now available to pre-order via our site, click on the links above to find out more about each title and order your copy from your preferred retailer. Zero Minus Ten and James Bond: The Authorised Biography are also available to pre-order within the US via our website.

Additionally, a limited number of signed copies of Zero Minus Ten are available to pre-order via our site for UK and US customers, but please note that these will not be dispatched until early November.

Keep an eye on our socials and your inbox as we’ll be sharing the covers for these exciting new editions soon.


I just hope that they aren’t edited like Fleming’s were earlier this year. Colonel Sun in particular is a story I could see them cutting certain terms out.

In that press release IFP describes “Colonel Sun” as “the first ever James Bond novel published after the death of Ian Fleming.”

“The Man with the Golden Gun” and “Octopussy/The Living Daylights” were both published after.

They don’t know the difference between “written” and “published” but we’re supposed to trust them to alter Fleming’s texts… :+1:


Great news for customers in the UK or USA, the only two countries that can order from IFP. I would’ve liked a signed Zero Minus Ten as I’ve always had a soft spot for Benson’s books, but I guess international shipping is too much of a task for IFP.
I’ll be frank, it’s a small thing (maybe even petty, sure), but wow, has their custodianship of the books been underwhelming to me.

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I really like those covers! It’s nice to see The Authorized Biography back in print. I just hope that these aren’t edited. Hopefully, Raymond Benson can stop his book from that fate.

Love the Benson cover. Hope they re-release all of his Bond novels in that style! They’re the only ones I don’t have.

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In the 70th anniversary thread I had pointed out that IFP had lazily used stock art for the Fleming covers…

Now it appears they’re doing the same thing for these reprint covers. The picture of the Walther below was not only just copy and pasted off Walther’s Wikipedia page, but it isn’t even a PPK but a PP…

My goodness - when you compare the effort they put into the 70th when we’ve been blessed with Richie Fahey and Fay Dalton art in the past…


A great short interview. I consider The Authorized Biography by his dad as canon with Fleming/Horowitz.


Missed this earlier. Thrilled to hear about these reprints, particularly the Authorized Biography, which I’ve been trying to track down for a while to no avail! Came across a copy at a bookstore 12 years ago but back then, sadly, wasn’t interested :stuck_out_tongue:

Have also wanted to read Colonel Sun and a Benson novel too, for awhile.

Wonder if Benson could be persuaded to return to the character…? :thinking:



I hope this version isn’t edited.

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Does “first look” mean that is the final cover art?