If they had to do a Bond spinoff

I was looking into Tiger Tanaka’s style (clothes and interior decorating…) and realised he’d be the character i’d most want to see a spinoff about. A film, a novel, a comic, whatever, starting with him prior to or while joining the Japanese secret service and go from there.

The Felix Leiter comic series by Dynamite would be the place to look.

How about a series on Bill Tanner and the political intrigues of… whatever it is this week?

Possibly a series on Mattis of the Deuxieme?

M the Hong Kong years

Never read any, but Young Bond might work in parallel to the franchise. After all YA is big right now!

Or maybe they can dust of James bond Jnr. Either the original book or maybe a more ‘edgy’ adaptation of the cartoon.

Oh yes, that could definitely work. Especially if the filmmakers followed comic’s esthetics. Very fine, very grim and moody story (intriguing also as a “love story”) set in rainy Tokyo.

Anyone for a Jaws and Dolly sitcom?

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TV series:
“JW Pepper: Not In My Parish!”

For the Do-It-Yourself Home Make-over crowd:
“This Old Volcano”

YouTube channel:
“Pepe the Double-Taking Pigeon Reacts To…”


SPECTRE‘s Got Talent - psychopaths, serial killers, troll manufacturers, lobbyists of every shady branch of the Move-it-Shake-it-Break-it denomination audition for the next big thing in SPECTRE’s world domination scheme. Jurors are the usual suspects, current offices/sentences permitting. Audiences can vote for their favourite murderers and traitors; additional points for musical performances. Winner gets to be the next No 2, a sweaty handshake by Blofeld and a prominent part in a yet to be titled Netflix show…

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I’ve always been interested in finding out what Bond did during WW2.
I’d like to know what others in the double-oh section get up to.
For ages now I’ve had an idea for a Moneypenny story. Now that we’re established that field work isn’t her forte, that’s when she should be forced by necessity to get out in the field, to adapt, to grow, to live off his wits, to prove she’s capable in the field.
Maybe just a full-on battle for supremacy between SPECTRE and Unione Corse; an action movie with just a slight flavour of The Godfather drizzled on.
Or… sod it, just do a 60s based Pussy Galore movie.

Surely Bibi deserves her own rom com

The recently started James bond origin comic is exactly that. Bond during ww2

Ah, I shall have to seek that out. Thank you!

I would suggest either a Wint & Kidd prequel series, or the adventures of that ultra-posh chap who turns up at the casino in DN and says: “I’m looking for Mr James Bond.” I like to think his name’s Peregrine Carruthers.

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Lt. Col. Gareth Mallory before retiring from the SAS and joining the intelligence oversight committee.

How about MacGyver type show starring Q.

No spin-offs, please.

Bond is the star. Everything else would only detract from his impact.


Valentin Zukovsky - “Ducking and Diving”

There can never be enough Robbie Coltrane…