In Memoriam - 12 August

In Memoriam of Ian Fleming.

56 years ago. Aged 56.

I believe 12 August 1964 was his son’s 12th birthday, which is a bit rough, and additionally 12 August is the date Bond moans about the soft life in From Russia with Love, which is equally so. “…thoroughly bored with the prospect of the day ahead.” Fate has the habit of delivering a swifty to the nadgers on occasion, does she not?


Someone is still impressively manifesting mental acuity in this heat…!

(In the UK, on this day of typing, it is 95C in the shade, and the horizon has been over run with lizards and locusts.)


I hope that’s Fahrenheit…:tropical_drink:

My sister’s birthday. She was only 9 yrs old in '64, so I don’t this is a case of cause & effect. Besides, she has an alibi.

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It’s my dad’s birthday too.