In yesterday's newspaper

Not one but two 007 articles In the same paper


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The first article: good, way to go, EON!

The second: yes, courts should really be burdened with entitled childish idiots who are “furious” about not seeing an actress they like in a final product which they could have checked out before but - hey, children have to get what they want, right?

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Wasn’t there a lady who sued because a dvd box set did not include NSNA?

Actually, she paid to not have NSNA included…

Ta dum.


Sounds as if it were true.

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I knew I’d seen it somewhere

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People need to get it through their heads. Royale '67 and NSNA aren’t official movies. Not that I was going to buy the collection anyhow but I definitely wouldn’t if they were included.

Imitating Paul Feig won’t get you anywhere.


I remember seeing NSNA again on rental video when I first came out,when I was 8 years old. I remember wondering why “that bond” was back, I didn’t notice the lack of the eon bond theme. There was something about it that just didn’t feel “right”