Introducing my 007-part passion project: Battle of the Bonds

I’ve recently kicked off a passion project that’s bounced around my head for years. I’ve called it Battle of the Bonds and in it, I dive deep into each Bond actor, their films, and their legacies as the world’s favorite super spy.

By the end of this celebratory series, you’ll know who my favorite Bond is, who I believe the best Bond to be, and, more importantly, why each Bond has played a critical role in ensuring our beloved franchise is here to stay. I’m three parts deep already, and I hope you’ll all join me for the remainder of this ride. Cheers!

Battle of the Bonds // Mission Briefing

Part 001 // Sean Connery

Part 002 // George Lazenby

Part 003 // Roger Moore

Part 004 // Timothy Dalton

Anyone who writes:

“I don’t just like Diamonds Are Forever , I absolutely adore Diamonds Are Forever.”

is most welcome to our community.


Haha, thank you for the warm welcome. I was worried someone might tell me to go blow up my pants.

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Never. We are very welcoming. When you look around at other threads, you will encounter members who consistently put DAF at or near the bottom of their lists of Bond films. But we all debate with passion and respect.

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Glad to hear it. That’s the beauty of this franchise, isn’t it? No two Bond fans are likely to have the exact same rankings of films, actors, or otherwise, and that naturally leads to great, passionate conversation. I love it here already.

I have to admit, Mr. KiddWent has made me view DAF from a different lens. It’s better as satire and social commentary than it is as a Bond film, and the first Bond to acknowledge the 60s are over.

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Diamonds are Forever has never and probably never will be at the top of my rankings. That said, it’s a fun film with some great moments. Wint and Kidd are still some of the best henchmen in the series. Jill St. John is one of my favorite Bond ladies. There is great humor throughout and Connery looks to be having far more fun than in YOLT.


I’m thrilled so many here seem to share an appreciation for Bond’s sillier side. Just wait until you get to my thoughts on Octopussy

For those interested, I’ve been posting film review excerpts and ten of my favorite shots from every film in each respective actor’s run over on my Instagram page. I’m a sucker for great cinematography and this little exercise has been a great way to celebrate some of my favorite shots in each film.

Thanks again for all the support, I can’t wait to share further installments with you all.

Battle of the Bonds // Part 004 // Timothy Dalton

“The world wasn’t ready for Timothy Dalton’s Bond.
Real ones, however, know that Dalton was the closest thing we ever got to the 007 found within Ian Fleming’s original texts.”
It’s time we all put some respect on Timmy D’s name. Help me do so in the latest Battle of the Bonds!

I’ll say it again TD was the most Fleming accurate. In interviews prior to release of Living Daylights,he always mentioned that he re read Fleming to prep for the role. Look at the prom photos, he’s smoking and there’s a comma of hair above his eyebrow. If he had done a 3rd it would have been his best. Like Goldfinger was sir Sean’s best,like SWLM was Sir Roger’s best,like TWINE was PB’s best,like SKYFALL was DC’s best.