James Bond as a specialist subject on Mastermind

Might help pass a few moments during lockdown.

12/12 for me :slight_smile:


Reminds me of a birthday a good 15 years ago now, where my parents bought me Harry Potter edition of scene it because “there was a James Bond edition, but they wanted (me) to at least have the possibility of loosing”


I thought that was pretty difficult myself. Only got two :slight_smile:

12 for me too.

Seemed easy enough…

11 - my London geography let me down. My wife is disappointed in me, Londoner she is.

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11, and I guess I got same question wrong as you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That makes three of us…

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12 out of 12, super easy.

I’ve only been to London twice in my life and yet I’ve actually been to that tube station. lol

Ten out of twelve, I had no clue of a certain name in Twice and the name in Skyfall.

Eleven, also because of the station name.

I got 11, just due to the tube station question.

That is a huge spoiler, ofcourse (actually I changed my response, because of the same spoiler).

Like a lot here, I got an 11 out of 12–missing only the tube station question.

12 for me, quite a bit of luck I’ve watched Skyfall and YOLT not long ago, couldn’t have remembered these a few months later

Yes. But a remarkably low threshold, that.

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A mere 9!

I’ll get my coat…

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