James Bond Colouring Book

Obviously having assumed I am a simpleton (an assumption based wholly in fact), Mrs Jim has presented me with “The James Bond Coloring Book” (it appears to be a colonial offering, hence no “U”). I suspect lockdown has got to the mad old freckle.

I shall, however, proceed to color / colour in all the Bonds as of the Afro-Caribbean persuasion, for that will amuse me most greatly.

One task, however, baffles me, as below. Evidently Fleming in the middle but who on Earth are the two men either side of him meant to be?

IMG_20200509_0001.pdf (1.3 MB)

Answers on a lovingly illustrated postcard, my chumlets.

In other news, Mrs Jim has insisted that I leave the one below to her. I know not why. I have pointed out to her that she will need at least one crayon and not just her finger.

IMG_20200509_0002.pdf (926.6 KB)


Splendid! Mrs Jim has just sold a book here…

About the two gentlemen either side of Fleming: the one on the left seems to wear some kind of uniform shirt with - police? - badges. Also the sides seem to have changed. I think I’ve seen the other one before but can’t point my finger on where that was. Gstaad? Timbuktu? Laundromat? Phew…

Apart from that, no idea.

I’d say they’re just a couple of coppers trying to get old Uncle Ian to identify the ‘real’ James Bond from a lineup.


Top marks for the solution. :+1:

A couple of years ago I bought a JB colouring book myself on this Dutch site.

Is it the same one?


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Seems to be, yes.

The 007 Twitter page has been posting colouring pages recently:

That must be it. What an eccentric notion.

Yes. A curious offering, but a diverting one nevertheless.

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So random, I need to buy one… By the way Mrs. Stbernard
Demanded a print out of DC swim shorts, I had to oblige.

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