James Bond Lego Sets


That’s what I mean with ‘collectible’ - the Lego market is an odd kettle of fish where items are priced beyond what we would normally expect to be toys, where models have their very own look and style - and can yet end up as presentation pieces on the desk of an architect or engineer. Or in the sandbox next to some battered Matchbox models.

Thing is, merchandise today turns up in every price segment of the market, there is nothing really exclusive any more, just varying degrees of walking as an add. The trick is to work all segments of the market, to offer something for everybody. That’s why comic figures and game characters come in ridiculously priced limited edition models these days. Articles whose worth is solely defined by what their customers want to shell out for them.


By the by, some images - as yet unverified - appeared on Instagram.


What’s the board’s policy on leaked images? I have a picture but will not upload it directly to the board it if it’s a violation of the board’s rules.

Here’s an outside link to the picture under the spoiler tag.



If this too is a violation I’ll delete.


If that’s really it, better display it with the box or no one will ever guess what it’s supposed to be.


No specific policy as such. Leaked though is always difficult to judge; could be anything from legit to photoshop.

Anyway, no violation here.


Which Lego figures do you think could come with the Aston Martin? I’m thinking Connery or Craig 007, Goldfinger and Oddjob, M and Silva are most possible.


If it’s really part of the (relatively higher end) “Technic” line, then there won’t be any figures.

And more’s the pity: I’d rather see more whimsy-oriented “Creator” kits with figures, given (he said beating the drum again) Lego offerings are never going to look screen-accurate, anyway.


I’m sure if this goes well they’ll broaden their use of the licence.


I hope so. I don’t now nor have I ever had a problem with EON marketing kid-friendly Bond merchandise. My complaint has been that when they have done so, they’ve granted the license to some truly crappy, third-rate companies (like “Exclusive Premiere”). If they exercised a little quality control, we could see some awesome stuff that doesn’t break the bank.

At the very least, it’d be fun to have some product to look forward to in the long, long waits between movies.