James Bond - Playmobil

Well, compared to the Star Trek set for a whopping € 500 this Aston is almost a steal. That Enterprise will hardly ever see a kid playing with it.

That’s for sure. I love Star Trek but for that price I’d want something closer to screen accurate, with figs that resembled adults.

But I knew a 12-year-old who saved until he could buy a $500 Lego Death Star, so I’m obviously out of touch. Kids today have a lot of disposable income, or indulgent parents or something. To paraphrase my grandfather, if I had $500 it would be more pleasurable to stare at that.

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I ordered one, it’s too great and funny not to have for my collection. :grin:

I recently picked up the Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean on clearance for 10 bucks. I love it and has only made me anticipate the DB5 even more. However the $99.99 price tag is a bit of a shock. The DeLorean retailed for only 49.99 and this is doubled that despite having fewer pieces and no electronics. I hope this is simple a case of the 007 Store marking it up and that it will retail for less.

I’m going to get this but will wait until I can get a better deal.

Here’s some pics of my DeLorean.

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Wow! That’s looking realy great and for a very good price too!