James Bond - Playmobil

Looks like Playmobil will be releasing an Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger with four figures. While I would have preferred a LEGO minifigure scaled James Bond line I will definitely be picking this up.

Having my doubts there…

It could be fan made or an unproduced prototype but considering that Playmobil does have a Ghostbusters and Back to the Future line it could be true.

If they can produce a figure of Biff Tannen then Bond should be okay too.

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“James Bond” looks like “Gimme A Break”-era Joey Lawrence. Hope the DB5 comes with a booster seat.


There is ofcourse already this one:

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A few years old, yes. Judging by the reviews it wasn’t a huge success but you can still buy it and there’s a whole range of ‘Top Agents’ sets in the same line.

The big advantage of a Playmobil Aston would be that it’s an actual toy kids could take to the playground and use in the way toys were originally intended: to have fun and do all kinds of weird stuff with them.

The Lego Technics Aston will hardly ever get out of the glass cabinet.

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Exactly. This wouldn’t be dad’s super detailed and expensive scale model in the glass cabinet which they’re maybe allowed to look at on Sundays, but never touch, because dad gets a cow when they break off those tiny rearview mirrors or open and close the doors over and over again until they’re worn out.

With this one, they can re-enact all those stunts while making crash boom bang explosion sounds, play with it in heavy dirt, have it fall off a cliff with two dozen rollovers and finally find out if it really can drive under water (it doesn’t matter to them that that was a different car).

Of course, it’ll all end when it goes out of production and dad realizes that it became a collectible… :crazy_face:


Well, my model will never leave the sealed box anyway.

All my toys come out of the box or off the blister card. That’s the point of toys.

In this case, opening the box is a must if only to throw out those crap figures.


I suppose the hardcore collectors are living to their own kind of creed when it comes to what is acceptable with regards to the treatment of their treasures. I would merely note here that with Playmobil, as with Lego, some assembly is necessary to finish the toy. If one chooses to keep the toy in the sealed box, all you have is some plastic parts (inside plastic pouches) stashed away in a collection.

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Maybe the point of toys, but not the point of collecting. All my blistercards for example are still intact.

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Collecting. At least it doesn’t add to the plastic soup.


How much will it sell for.

Well see it in stores like Target, GO Toys and Games, Costco, etc… It more of speciality stores and toy store.

There is currently no information yet on a price, whether a wider range is planned or if this would be a one-off project. It’s not even confirmed as a legit Playmobil article yet - though all that might change soon.

If you look at their range of ‘City Action’ and ‘Officially Licensed’ models like Porsche and VW, that’s where this might fit in with a price between € 30 - 45. I would not necessarily expect it to pop up absolutely everywhere though. The toys retail market has significantly changed thanks to the Internet and shops only keep the items they sell fast. This might be a bit too specific as to be kept in stock in huge numbers.

I’ve seen the Playmobil Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and Scooby Doo sets at my local Walmart. As a matter of fact it’s only within the last four of five years that Walmart began carrying Playmobil with some regularity. They’re right next to the LEGO sets and I’ve been very tempted to buy one, particularly the Ectomobile.

Bond, if real, would be a day one purchase.

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For Australian Bond fans, BunyipToys are currently offering 20% off all pre-orders.

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Interesting. There is still no official confirmation from Playmobil that this is coming, much less on the price tag ect.

From the 007 Store. It’s official.

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This is ludicrous, plenty of listings for the set on Amazon and other dealers - but Playmobil’s own site and shop don’t list the thing. And they even list the Star Trek set for a hefty € 500.

Anyway, price tag points to another collectors’ item, almost double what they ask for the Porsche and way more than the BACK TO THE FUTURE set.

Yeah, that’s steep if accurate.

Then again, the Lego version seems to have been popular at a higher price than that, for a collectible you have to assemble yourself and when you’re done doesn’t even look like the DB5. So what do I know?

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