James Bond poster, original or late copy

Hi looking for some information on a Italian sean connery agente 007 thunderball poster

Of what nature is the information you’re looking for? Artist? Year? Value? Where to buy? Legit or not?

What I can tell you is that it’s an Italian original release poster for Thunderball from 1965. Original size 68,8 x 99,1 cm, by Averado Ciriello. There’s also a very similar version which has a different size and aspect ratio, 33 x 71,1 cm.

Hope that helps. And welcome to CBn :wink:


Hi thank you for reply and information, I tried to find this poster online and could not find this version. The sizes are correct 68.8 by 99.1 .
Should the original poster not have print information around the white border.
Also cannot find another of this type for sale.
If it is correct any idea of value
Thank you

Here you go fella. This should give you something to get your teeth into…

Hi thank you for reply and link, it appears these posters are the longer and narrower version than the one I have, also there is no printed information on the white border almond base or left hand lower edge.
Which makes me think it’s not original and a late copy,
Thank you

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