James Bond: The John Gardner Years - Kindle Edition

Just noticed this is only £3.99 on amazon.co.uk. Bargain!

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Wow! That’s a great deal. Too bad it’s only through the UK Amazon and unavailable through the US store.

I wasn’t sure this was worth another thread so have popped it here.

Apparently Licence Renewed is being brushed off for a reprint and has another author, M J Arlidge, writing a foreword. He is asked;

“How did you feel being approached to pen the introduction to John Gardner’s first 007 novel? How long did it take?”

“Obviously I was incredibly honoured. I have to confess I hadn’t read Licence Renewed so it was a great thrill to dive into a new and exciting Bond adventure. It didn’t take me long to write the introduction - I’ve been longing to write about Bond for years.”

Call me rotten, but how can one be honoured to do something about which one knows nothing? I must admit to never having heard of Mr Arlidge but I wonder if a foreword might have been made more meaningful by A Someone who has long advertised a deep love for Gardner’s work.


They didnt ask me.


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