Johnny English Strikes Again

A teaser trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again dropped today and the first full trailers will be released tomorrow.

“They’re just cyclists sir!”

“They’re French cyclists”


Good Lord, Olga Kurylenko seems to be reprising her role from QOS.

Her career has been a bit shite since she played Camille

It really hasn’t been.

Seven Psycopaths & The Death Of Stalin alone are films many actors would be proud to have on their cv.

Why the Hell not? I have to say that I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve liked these films. They are what they are, but it is fun. Bring it on.


I really enjoyed the first one, and the second one is entertaining, but I missed the byplay with Bough. Glad he’s back for this one. I seem to recall that it had been reported before that Robert Wade and Rowan Atkinson wrote the screenplay, which I thought was interesting to see Wade without Purvis. Now it seems that William Davies is credited as the writer. Also, looks like they got David Arnold for the soundtrack, if wiki is to be believed.

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I have the soundtrack from the first. It’s great work from Arnold and wonderful pseudo Bond. Please bring Arnold back for Bond 25.

Wasn’t the first soundtrack by Edward Shearmur? It is very reminiscent of some of Arnold’s Bond scores, and for a second I thought it was Arnold, but according to iTunes and other sources, it’s Shearmur.

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Yes, Shearmur wrote the score, not Arnold.

Mind you, Purvis & Wade are credited with the (woeful) script.

But according to them next to nothing survives from their draft - credit was left purely because it was advantageous to have Bond’s in house writers credited on a Bond pastiche.

I am so down for this. It looks more in line with the first one (I thought Reborn was dismal). Nice to see Bough back too! Hopefully we get the theme music from the first movie this time round as well.

They just released the poster…


Nothing new we haven’t see before but still I laughed hard several times during the trailer. Can’t wait.

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Hmm… I might have to give Johnny English another try… I wasn’t terribly impressed with the 1st one and skipped the 2nd, but this one actually looks quite funny! :laughing:

There are a couple of actual little sniggery laughs in that trailer, which is more than in the previous two films: it might actually be okay. The director has worked on some of the better TV comedies of the past few years, which is a good sign.

Plus it’s got Emma Thompson and a beautiful Aston V8 Vantage (Oscar India) in it, two things which you can sense Atkinson would’ve been hands-on in the decision to include!


I’ve always wondered f they had to ask Eon whether it was okay to do it, particularly after Austin Powers worried them a little.

I don’t see why? They don’t use any direct concepts even though it’s obviously based around a Bond spoof. If he was called 003 and a half I guess they would! :slight_smile: