Keep Daniel Craig for Bond 26

I’m completely at peace with his era and there’s no way I’d want him back. As dalton said, his story has nowhere else to go and there’s no plausible way to explain surviving those rockets. Craig will always be one of the greats. I needed that fifth film to move on, and I’m more than ready to do that now.


Totally! Spectre left it feeling like something was left unsaid, NTTD looked at the relationships he’d made through the other 4 to give them natural endings.


They are all over eBay at the moment and for a lot less than I paid too!

The only one I’ve seen work was in March 2009.

Channel SBS here in Australia picked up the rights to show the Scottish League Cup Final (football) with about a week to go before the game. It was Rangers vs Celtic. It was going to be shown live in Sydney and Melbourne but because of the time difference, Perth was going to miss out.

There are a lot of Scottish people in Perth, and so they protested via online, phone and email to SBS demanding they show the game live at 10pm their time. SBS relented and showed the match in Perth.

“That all sounds lovely.”

Wasen’t it 2 films planned after Spectre? I know Daniel wanted that end but for me it was unsuited.

Was unsuited for me too, but I’ve accepted it. It’s unique, memorable, and possibly legendary. Daniel is done. Time to let him go and hope that Amazon knows what they’re doing.

Unlike SOME, I won’t blindly be optimistic that Amazon will do right with Bond. I’m going to be suspicious.

It really could go either way. On the one hand Bond will get a bit more financial stability but also has a new set of corporate overlords to answer to. Will they let Barbara and Michael get on with it or will they come armed with their own notes and demands?

Yes, they will but… VETO rights!

I mean UA, MGM and Sony all had “notes” so Amazon probably will too.



I agree, it could go either way…but Im also expecting them to have notes and suggestions…instead of demands.

Then again, given the legacy of the franchise as a whole…maybe AMazon will let things continue as they are?

Some UA notes (that saved the franchise): David Picker told EON to bring back Sean Connery no matter what the cost, despite the fact that John Gavin had signed a contract to play Bond in DAF, and his casting had been announced to the press. When EON failed to land Connery, Picker closed the deal himself (he also suggested Tom Markiewicz for revisions of the Maibaum script).


Picker was as helpful to the franchise as the producers.


Picker picking Connery was less of a note than a carte blanche for financing. Something EON gladly accepted.

Yes, since they wanted UA funding.


Isn’t there anyone of you that want him back if it was possible for one more movie?

I don’t. I’m just ready to hit the refresh button on the series and move on to something different.

I loved Craig in the role, but I’m now done with him. NTTD was the perfect send off for him. On to something new!

I can’t see how Craig could do more without unpicking the magnificence of NTTD.

Thankyou; next!