Kingsman - The Golden Circle

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Ah - you beat me to it, Navy!

No worries, Dustin!!!

Carried over from the old forum is the “Southern Charm” Kingsman TV spot:

Must be awkward dinner conversation, “So where did you meet my daughter?”

So rather than a category with separate topics for each film, all of it will be here?

That’s currently the case.

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Fun new marketing video for Kingsman: The Golden Circle:

New TV spot (with Lancelot!!!):

Another trailer, mostly footage we have already seen.

I’m wondering if they’re actually going to release any new material today, to tie in with the eclipse.

I watched the first Kingsman movie this past weekend again. I genuinely can’t wait for the sequel! It looks just as fun as the first one.

Since this thread is here I have a question;
The Kingsmen agents are code-named for Knights of the Round Table because they represent modern day knights protecting their realm. In the sequel we’re introduced to the Statesmen, their American counterpart, who are code-named for alcoholic beverages because…

… I don’t get it? Wouldn’t something like Founding Fathers or pioneers make more sense?

Presumably the reason for the naming will be explained in the film, as they don’t exist in the comics that these films are sort of based on - though the truth is more the comics and the films are based on the same pub conversation that Vaughn and Miller had whilst making Kick-Ass.

I think it might have to do with the Statesmen’s cover as a brewery. Also, if I recall, Kingsman wasn’t formed until after WWI, so if the Statesmen were formed around the same time, it would have been right before/at the start of Prohibition. So perhaps they were named as such since alcohol was something that was underground and desired.

That’s an intriguing though, I can kind of see the logic behind that.

Presumably the reason for the naming will be explained in the film

One would hope.

I am actually excited for the movie! I thought the first film would be crap seeing the trailer but it was surprisingly good with the action scenes. Expecting same from the second movie.

New character posters:

ETA a better link.

I’m glad that Lancelot has got a poster. We haven’t seen much of her in advertising so I’m worried that she won’t be in the film much. Then again, she wasn’t in much of the advertising for the first film that I recall, so maybe it’s down to the marketing department not promoting her much.

If Snoop Dogg says so, well. . .

With the film coming out next week, we’re getting a few new looks at the film.

In other news, I managed to score tickets to a early screening on Monday, so I’ll give you a spoiler-free review here.

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