Kingsman - The Golden Circle

But surly making “darn near the same” would constitute underperforming as a sequel would have greater expectations placed on it. According to Wikipedia Golden Circle cost about $20 million more to make and thus would have generated less profit.

I knew as I was writing it that somebody would find some nit to pick on the post. I was betting it was going to be the “2 years of inflation” angle, but yeah, “sequels usually perform better” works too. On the other hand I also guessed the budget would be cited, so I get points for that.

The only point I was intending to make was that it probably performed well enough to not automatically kill a sequel.

That’s it.

Nothing more.

Didn’t you know if a film isn’t making double its predecessor its franchise is dead?


Glad to hear this!!! One of my complaints about Golden Circle was that we did not see more of the Kingsman organization in action before Poppy’s attack.

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Kingsman 3 news…

Perched for these: the first 2 were pretty much perfect

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