Knives Out (2019 / 2022 / ~2025)

I wasn’t sure quite where to put this, but the trailer for Knives Out, starring Daniel Craig, was just released:

I think it should be quite entertaining. Craig’s Southern accent is not quite as extreme as in Logan Lucky. Looking forward to this!


Definitely intriguing, this one. Love the cast. However, Craig’s accent is way off. It’s not a modern southern accent, but more of an 1800s one.

His accent sounds Virginian. Here’s an example:

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Craig does sound a bit like him. However, it still seems off for the setting of the film, which I believe is supposed to be Louisiana (or at least Craig’s character has a very Louisiana-sounding name). Though that could be wrong as the movie was filmed in Massachusetts and the only character with a southern accent is Craig.

Until the last shot I thought Chris Evans must have done the entire film from one chair!

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I think the CSI: KFC joke works only if Craig’s accent is the standout. I had assumed that the whole thing was set in Massachusetts, just because they filmed there, but it really could be set anywhere.

So, if I remember right, when this trailer aired at Cinema Con, it had Live and Let Die as the music. It’s a shame they changed it.

Yea, that makes sense.

I thought it was because he had a bit pork of on! :slight_smile:

I love that kind of murder mystery. And Johnson seems to have fun with the genre, the cast is impressive, the visuals lure me in, too - yep, a must-see for me.

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I’m getting more than a few The Brothers Bloom vibes from this.

Looking forward to this! I love a whodunnit.

Craig’s accent is a mess, but then again, he’s never been great shakes with them. Though I thought he did ok in Logan Lucky.

Looks good fun , could Craig’s accent be a deliberate red herring , he could be the killer…
I really enjoy whodunits so it’s going to be a must see for me too.

So a “Murder of Roger Ackroyd” type deal?

I certainly felt that vibe from the trailer, or " three act tragedy" riff

Looks slick, Chris Evans looks to be having fun!

It’s got VERY positive reactions from its festival debut last night.

Given this also gave us one of No Time to Die’s new cast, as well as being what Bond did with the delay, it seems appropriate to post a Q&a about it.


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Also a warning: the Variety review is followed by a message board poster spoiling the whole ending.

Variety’s review is…odd. It takes an odd angle of “eurgh…crime as a genre” and is interspersed with these strange ‘take that!’ comments aimed at an entire genre.

before the genre devolved into a corny parody of itself

It’s basing off a fairly true observation that it’s a very over saturated genre, particularly on TV, but its style is so, almost comedically, snide that every one of the blows feels like it should be followed by an awkward silence


I tend to read these reviews only for the comments on the work of the people involved, exactly for the reason you pointed out: too much snark has entered even the trade papers´ reviews which tried to keep their personal opinions out in earlier times.

These days, too many critics seem to want to be comedians, going for (cheap) laughs.