Le Chiffre's name

Recently, played through Quantum of Solace on PS3 (a very underrated game) and noticed this little detail. Is this the only time Le Chiffre has been given an actual name?

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As far as I know, yes. I think it was just in the game.

It makes me think of other times we learned a character’s full name…

Agent Fields during the end credits of QOS

We learn Nomi is a last name when looking at QDar in NTTD (it says “Nomi, M” and “Bond, J”)

And we all remember getting M’s full name in Skyfall, right? RIGHT!?

Are there any others?

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I might be wrong, but I think Blofeld’s name is first revealed in the credits of From Russia with Love.

All the promotion calls him Red Grant.

Grant is said in tbe film, Red never is.

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Which is a change from the book too where his name is Donovan.

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The funny thing is the original trailer calls him “Krassno Grantski, code name Grant.”

Red is used in the book as well. “His real name was Donovan Grant, or ‘Red’ Grant.”


Yes, in the film, Klebb mentions his first name is Donald.