Like button and 505 error

Morning all. I can’t access to the function Like. 505 error appears every time I want to like a post.
Thanks for your help.


Anyone else having this problem? Didn’t have any troubles liking your post, maybe it’s only temporary…


Thanks for your response. It’s for one week I can’t liking posts…

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Same thing just happened to me when I tried liking JohnSteed’s post.

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Which browseer are you guys using?


Firefox for me.

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Using Edge right now.

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Steed’s, dalton’s, yours - I have no problems on my iPhone so far.

Using Safari on my Mac and my iPhone doesn’t bring up that problem.

Just throwing an idea out there, but could it be that maybe the “Like” feature somehow got set to administrators only? The only people in this thread having trouble are non-mods, whereas the only ones who are able to get it to work are mods? Just a thought.

ah interesting…

You could be on to something there, we’re investigating…

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Thanks for your time.

Should be fixed now.


Yes it is ! Thanks !

Working for me as well. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Splendid, gentlemen. Please don’t hesitate to call us up when such glitches happen. Sometimes an update or patch have unexpected results we don’t always spot immediately. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.