Likelihood of Brosnan Returning?

The Bond producers have always had their finger on the pulse of film trends and right now the big trend seems to be actors reprising iconic roles. As far as I can tell this seems to have kicked off with the original cast of Star Wars returning for the Force Awakens and now there’s much hype surrounding Keaton’s return to Batman and apparently everyone who’s ever been in a Spider-Man movie will be back for the next one.

As with any trend, could this be applied to Bond?

Theoretically yes. Bond doesn’t have a high concept mechanic like the multi-verse to play with and passing the torch isn’t really an option as the producers have shot down the code-mane idea (plus if a passing of the torch were to happen it would be in NTTD). However there’s no reason Bond 26 couldn’t reacquaint us with an older Bond picking up from the pre-reboot series.
And if this were to happen then it would have to be Brosnan. While well regarded by fans neither Lazanby or Dalton clicked with the general public in the same way and wouldn’t generate the necessary buzz.

Is this a good idea? I don’t think it is, but when has that ever stopped anyone from following a trend?

Wait until MCU Spider-Man 3/The Flash is actually released, especially as the one of those that is actually filming hasn’t confirmed the two older versions of Spider-man are in it, only the actors who played villains reprising their roles - and possibly in the same way Dench was two different M’s of “why would we give up a highly acclaimed actor just because a previous use of them was dodgy?”

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I remember when I saw SKYFALL for the 2nd time at the cinema ( first time I went alone) I went with a friend and we were discussing it on the way home, and he thought that Roger Moore would have made a good new M. I know that at one stage they considered Sean Connery playing the caretaker at SKYFALL LODGE

Whilst a shame that the general population has bought into the general misinformation put about by those who think they know better, I’d love to see George Lazenby step into the role again. Lazenby is Bond! And, definitely the Bond of the 1960s these days. He is certainly the one Bond that I’d respect above all others AND the one that would acclimatize easiest to the 21st Century, post-feminist world “in which we live in”.

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I don’t think EON would jump at that idea.

But whenever MGM is sold I would not be surprised that the new owner would pressure EON to branch out and give Bond that expanded universe treatment.

Would I like it? No.

But I would definitely be interested in watching another Brosnan Bond, his NSNA.


But is there a market for any of the Bonds to return as, well, “older”? Whether it be for nostalgia’s sake or not, how much dramatic interest is there in pension-age 007 (we got close with AVTAK, no jokes please :slight_smile: ).

I think with the now departed SC there might have been some traction in that idea - in that he was the first, and there would have been a real sense of the passing of time if he had returned. But am I the one getting this all wrong - are we looking at the notion of “old” Bond, or just giving the last guy another go?

As for Brozza, no, I’m not his hugest fan, and enough has been said about his Bond, but I just don’t think there’s much to be mined in bringing him back to the role. Likewise DC - I don’t think there would be anything to be gained from waiting another decade and then giving him another shot. Their versions of the character are complete and are what they are. And with both interpretations, neither leaves me asking “who did they become?” which surely is part of the hook of the nostagia trip as dramatic device.

TD perhaps - arguably the best straight-up “actor” of the lot, could do something with an aging Bond, but I’m not sure how much mileage there is in the idea (cue jokes about failing eyesight and invisible cars and forgetting where he parked…)


Given the man hasn’t had his swan song released yet, I don’t think anyone was thinking “When will Craig come out of retirement for a sixth?”


That‘s the thing about 2020 - one tends to get a fuzzy mind. Did I watch NTTD yet? Or is it just because I clicked on the trailers so often during the last months that I think I know the film already?


There is room for another Brosnan Bond and one that would give him a chance to fulfil the promise of Goldeneye. Might soften the wait for the next man who comes along and distance him from Craig

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Meant it only as an example of “why do we need any Bond to come back?” For me, when they’re done, they’re done. And while I appreciate that there’s a section of us that make the case that Brozza “deserves” one more, I’ve never been of the mind that any of them somehow need to “complete” their tenure. While I would love to have seen TD get another, ultimately it is what it is, and while I touted him earlier as someone who might bring an interesting take on a retirement age 007, I for one don’t feel that the series needs to check that box.


I agree. It’s the sort of thing that could be explored in things like graphic novels or video game dlc (IO…) but it’s best the series just moves forward.


The thing is, what would an older Bond bring to the role?

We currently see a bit of a sub genre of ‘best ager’ action heroes with Neeson and Reeves and films like R.E.D. But what are these vehicles beyond the obvious catering to my generation’s noisy joints and gun porn mixed with ultra-violence? Frankly, that’s just making the fifty-ish/sixty-ish audience forget their age and beer guts for two hours. Evidently successful fun, no doubt about it. But would Bond go anywhere else with it?

An ageing Bond would only really make sense if the age is acknowledged and Bond shown in an entirely different context. We’ve had Bond just pressing buttons of gimmicks, we’ve had Dad-Bond teaming up with ladies half his age. We’ve even had silverfox Bond coming back for one last adventure (at least we will have after NTTD). There are not so many more possibilities to spin the idea. And much of the appeal really depends on the actor. Surely Brosnan would at least be interesting for us fans. But beyond us I have my doubts.


Fair point. The Flash has been retooled so many times I shouldn’t believe anything until I see it. But on the other hand the reports of Keaton returning as Batman have generated so much buzz I’m sure WB would like to find a project for him somewhere.

My post specifically about bringing back a former actor, Brosnan was just the one who made the most sense to me. It’s been noted a lot over recent years that the film industry has been increasingly driven by nostalgia and this feels like the natural end-point; it’s not just about the familiar brand but the specific actor people remember. Even if they have aged.


My thoughts too.

Doesn’t have to be 007 returning actor could portray 001. My dream was to have Sir Sean do a cameo and like James Colburn “I may have taught you everything you know, but I didn’t teach you everything I know.” With that in mind who of the surviving 3 actors is the best choice for 001?

Yes, but only to sing the theme song.


But this is where we are now. If you look at the upcoming release slates for Star Wars, Marvel or DC a lot of stories that would usually be relegated to tie-in books, comics or video games are now getting a series or a movie.

With Bond though, unlike those titles, it’s adult to its core. There isn’t really much to be gained from the “I want it to be like when I was little” crowd.

You really don’t want child like thinking when luxury sports cars, alcohol and personal tailors are your business partners for a series about a professional killer…


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I’m thinking the ‘universe’ idea is very close to imploding. It was one thing when Marvel was the only game in town but now everyone’s trying to interconnect their projects and it’s just too much content for people to keep up with.
Maybe Bond being the more stand alone one film at a time franchise could become an asset?

After NTTD… when will any new Bond film be produced anyway? Who knows what will happen until then?

I wouldn’t be surprised if NTTD really is the end of the EON era, actually. I could imagine BB has enough of the constant troubles, and MGW is definitely thinking of retiring. Sure, they could help Greg Wilson to take over - but maybe he will say: nah, I don’t want to spend my life in the family business, only doing Bond films (which seems to be a total mind- and body-drainer).

So, with MGM selling in the next few years (or earlier), another studio will come in, another producing entity might start over completely fresh. And maybe that’s for the better.

But let’s not expect this before 2030.